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not classified hierarchically

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These decisions are made nonhierarchically and in the absence of perfect knowledge.
While statistical procedures are well known for comparing hierarchically related (nested) covariance structure models, statistical tests for comparing nonhierarchically related (nonnested) models have proven more elusive.
The manager's challenge is to build an organization that can structure itself hierarchically for some problems and nonhierarchically for others.
However, when DSM-IV alcohol abuse was diagnosed nonhierarchically (i.e., independently of dependence), agreement between the lay- and clinically oriented diagnostic methods was excellent.
This mitigates the need to choose one specific model as we have done, and like the Akaike or Bayes criteria, applies to nonhierarchically related models.
Specifically, in Coyote, protocols and composite protocols are organized hierarchically--using the facilities of the x-kernel, for example--while microprotocols within a composite protocol are organized nonhierarchically and can interact in arbitrary ways.
The notion that humans are especially complex either morphologically or developmentally, hierarchically or nonhierarchically, is not warranted by any reliable evidence I know.
Such institutions are most likely to be those that are nonhierarchically self-governed at the appropriate level of the relevant level of the ecosystem.
Recourse to such a device, especially when combined, as is so often the case, with the projection of a constant, uniform pulse and a busy, bustling, or "buzzing" character, seems calculated to evoke a sense of flatness, to deny that there is anything but surface to engage the listener's attention.(29) Of course, if there really were nothing but surface to this music, one could only conclude that it was nonhierarchically based.
They can do so, Negri believes, by way of autonomous and nonhierarchically organized self-management.