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not classified hierarchically

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Not considering the constraint for the maximum number of higher-level facilities (15) in effect allows the system to be nonhierarchical since all of the facilities can potentially provide both types of services.
It is assumed--based on the verification of the hierarchical structure--that the hierarchical connections are stronger and dominant in comparison with the nonhierarchical ones.
To reap the full benefits of social media, the authors of the McKinsey Global study urge companies to "become more open and nonhierarchical and to create a culture of trust."
According to this standard, marital relationships should be nonhierarchical; neither partner may be more dominant than the other.
I must be reminded that I can be a leader in the nonhierarchical church by way of advocacy and marginal faith communities.
All in all, we find here a presentation that is vintage M., including his nonhierarchical view of the church, with which I think many contemporary theologians would agree, and his unabashed espousal of universalism in which all will be reconciled and hell itself will be destroyed (57, 141-42), with which many may disagree.
This is especially important given the nonhierarchical nature of Islam.
We recognize that an interdisciplinary, nonhierarchical team approach results in the highest quality care and would welcome a dialogue on how we can facilitate a paradigm shift that provides a win-win situation for providers and patients.
The book shows companies how to redesign their talent practices, how to reconfigure when, where, and how work happens, and how to enable broad-based, nonhierarchical forms of contribution through collaboration and transparency.
The PPR doesn't just " fuel the dream of a post- oil society," it is also a wonderfully levelling and nonhierarchical mode of transport with tremendous possibilities for a city like Delhi.
"A lot of businesses may do that, but we're trying to back it up with a nonhierarchical structure." That structure has forgone not only bosses, but also managers.
Gail O'Day notes the significance of this metaphor, which she calls "radically nonhierarchical," for in it, "no branch has pride of place" and "all branches are equal before God." Writing in The Women's Bible Commentary, O'Day highlights the implications for this structure on the church itself, which "is entrusted to God (italics added), not to any of the branches....
But Obama sounded like a cross between a social activist and a flannel-shirted software CEO--as a nonhierarchical, collaborative leader who can inspire autonomous individuals to cooperate for the sake of common concerns.Clinton had sounded like Old Politics, but Obama created a vision of New Politics.
(By Turner's telling, the Cold Warriors' milieu was in fact far more flexible and nonhierarchical than the popular stereotype of Organization Men in Grey Flannel Suits.)
In more detail, Ellero asks what are the parameters that define beauty in Bruno's infinite, nonhierarchical universe, in which the objectivity of forms ("in margine a un precetto di Aristotle" [73]) of beauty are not guaranteed by the possibility of submitting the forms to a universal consensus?