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Synonyms for nonhierarchic

not classified hierarchically

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Gabriele, "Approximation in nonhierarchic system optimization," AIAA Journal, vol.
* Hierarchic systems evolve more quickly than nonhierarchic ones of comparable size (that is, complex systems will evolve from simple systems more rapidly if there are clearly identifiable stable intermediate forms than if there are not).
We will view our exhibitions in a completely nonhierarchic manner, which doesn't mean that the approach will always be the same.
Thus, he finds it necessary to coin anomalous terms such as 'strategic pragmatism', 'participative autocracy', 'nonhierarchic hierarchy', 'individualistic groupism', 'distributed centralism' to more accurately describe what he observes.
(4.)Stafford Beer no longer holds this view as he is currently utilizing cybernetic principles in designing nonhierarchic structures (Beer, 1993).
The resulting performance was a collaborative effort involving Loveid, a dance company called Sirocco, and a theater group called Lilith, who worked together according to an "ikkehierarkisk 'kvinnelig' modell" (nonhierarchic "female/feminist" model).