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not harmonic


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Young, An Introduction to Nonharmonic Fourier Series, Academic Press, New York and London, 1980.
The signal from the generator of harmonic signals 8 or nonharmonic signal generator 12, through commutator K is transferred to the rectangular pulse forming scheme 11.
Lyrical throughout, it had an exotic twist that was created by the presence of nonharmonic tones.
If played correctly, the tritare can produce many nonharmonics at once.
Depending on how each note on a tritare is played, the sound can include a few or many nonharmonic ingredients, Gaudet says.
nonharmonic Fourier series, Dirichlet series, signal analysis, time series analysis.
We use the results known in the general case for the special case of the interval and show that this leads to an elegant algorithm in nonharmonic Fourier analysis also in the case of real frequencies.
There is another possibility, however, which is that there really is a difference between this vowel in harmonic and nonharmonic environments but that this difference is simply imperceptible, or subphonetic.
In other instances, Michel's realization introduces nonharmonic tones or incorporates melodic lines that create nonsensical dissonances with the melody (Sonata no.
Forster introduces a new algorithm for nonharmonic signal analysis using Dirichlet series on convex polygons in the complex plane.
Young, An Introduction to Nonharmonic Fourier Series (Revised First Edition), Academic Press, London, 2001.
The most famous chapter of Schoenberg's Harmonielehre (1911) constitutes an argument against the traditional view of nonharmonic tones, which Schoenberg equates with "decoration with ornaments, 'tattooing,' as Adolf Loos says" (Schoenberg, Theory of Harnony, trans.
Divided differences and system of nonharmonic Fourier series.
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