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Each profile includes an overview of the country's specific environmental issues, laws, and treaties, links to nongovernmental organizations working with the country, and information sources for pertinent environmental issues such as desertification, human health, and marine issues/fisheries.
But now the agency is subsidizing the renovation of two schools in Kabul and working with other nongovernmental organizations and the University of Massachusetts Center for International Education to provide an accelerated curriculum for the 2 million Afghan youth who have missed years of schooling because of war.
She recently returned from five months in Burma and Thailand, where she worked with human-rights nongovernmental organizations and visited refugee camps along the border.
The PDA is now the largest nonprofit, nongovernmental organization in the country.
BEIRUT: Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar met on Tuesday with a delegation from the nongovernmental organization Kafa, Enough Violence and Exploitation Against Women to discuss a domestic violence draft law.
As a growing number of nongovernmental organizations voiced their disapproval, however, the United States dropped its patent claim in November 1993.
Some of our members, and not we as a nongovernmental organization, decided to join a political party.
Meanwhile, Albanian students and nongovernmental organization began collecting signatures for the petition against Marty's report.
Forum meetings bring together participants from a broad spectrum of affiliations; the focus is on how to tackle the most important environmental and sustainable development issues confronted by China and ways to foster international governmental and nongovernmental organization cooperation on these issues.
The Embassy of the Netherlands dissociated itself and does not stand behind the statements of nongovernmental organization "Wake up" which publically accused Albanian journalists from A1 and newspaper "Koha e Re" of being "traitors who serve the devil".
The Third World Network (TWN) is a nongovernmental organization based in Palang, Malaysia, that brings together individuals and groups to focus on the economic, environmental, and social issues faced by developing countries.
Another political structure appeared on the Albanian scene since president of nongovernmental organization "Realiteti" Valjon Bela decided to form a political party entitled "Albanian Association".
However, lately, it has been noticed that several Albanian nongovernmental organization are present in the public with the sharp criticism against those they call "political class".