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plants having vascular tissue and reproducing by spores

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The nonflowering plants, including the bryophytes, ferns, and gymnosperms, account for about 40,000 living species.
Nonflowering plants have to survive until the next November, and will gain or lose mass determined by the annual growth function.
In August, the DOE's Joint Genome Institute named one of the latter species, Physcomitrella patens, to be among the first nonflowering plants targeted for sequencing.
Finally, stable nonflowering plants (SNFP) and stable sparse-flowering plants (SSFP) were defined as those plants that had the required characteristic in both 1999 and 2000.
Neither mortality rate nor the fraction of nonflowering plants were correlated with infection rate (the proportion of plants for which disease status could be scored that became infected; correlation coefficients: -0.
Flowering plants were, however, larger than nonflowering plants, and they may, therefore, represent those plants that suffered relatively little competition (e.
In our study, nonflowering plants, which would be completely resistant and have zero fecundity, were excluded from estimates of resistance costs.
Variegated Tapioca joins another colorful nonblooming annual, Supersun Coleus, as one of only two nonflowering plants in the program, thanks to its inherent showiness and heat-, drought-, and pest-resistance.
He and his colleagues checked QuickSCAT's data against records of mosses and other nonflowering plants that grow in 27 spots in the far reaches of the Southern Hemisphere.
During seed harvest, 30 of these nonflowering plants were saved out of an initial 210 stecklings, regrown in the greenhouse, and vernalized for 140 d, then replanted into a greenhouse isolation chamber with a 24-h photoperiod.
The distribution of these nonflowering plants was independent of treatment (df = 3, G = 2.
Although no article was submitted on this topic for publication, we can offer a few remarks, A strict definition of inflorescence as a aggregation of flowers eliminates possession of inflorescences from all nonflowering plants, However, if an inflorescence is more loosely defined as a cluster or aggregation of sexually reproductive structures, one can then look for homologies between flowering and nonflowering plants.
These smaller, nonflowering plants were likely unintentionally injured by climbers.
To determine whether flowering exacts a significant energetic cost, I compared the change in leaf number from age 1 to age 2 of flowering and nonflowering plants by repeated measures of ANOVA.
But thermogenesis goes back much farther than this, for it also occurs in cycads, nonflowering plants that arose in the Paleozoic.