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Synonyms for nonfigurative

not representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature

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Like the form of God or divine grace or any spiritual reality, the form of nonfigurative painting is also abstract to the degree that it assumes highly intellectual and theoretical conceptualizations.
Mid-century viewers instilled contemporary notions of gender into the inherent qualities of her nonfigurative output, and subsequent critics and scholars constructed meaning based on past critiques, the conditions of their engagement with the objects, and current approaches to identity.
Ever since ancient times, stone carving manifested in all currently known fundamental aspects: as an independent, autonomous art or as an auxiliary art, subordinated to and integrated in, architecture; as transfigured reflection of reality or, quite on the contrary, as nonfigurative creation, with purely decorative function.
Israeli artist Guy Ben-Ari has used his interest in "psychoanalytic theory and semiotics" to lay the groundwork for his narrative and nonfigurative paintings.
I think the theory and practice of a new art trend, nonfigurative painting, is applicable to reading Kim Chunsoo's "Choyongdanjang Part I.
Here, as in the case of all five painters, we have an abstract language that confronts and cajoles us into accepting the legacy of nonfigurative art.
All are set in the present and the majority tackle the implications of the revolution indirectly, relying on decontextualized episodes that veer toward the nonfigurative.
This exhibition, with its four different juries (including one for nonfigurative painters), serves to deflect attention from the political process: that is, the arrests of opponents of the regime and summary trials for "crimes" committed during the revolution.
Nonfigurative expressions, however, dominate the data, indicating that many implicatures in PH and HYS do not appear in figurative garbs, but they go with additional meanings.
Abstraction implies being nonverbal and nonfigurative, characteristics shared with abstract art.
The fact that he later discovers that "SARDINES" is "too much" underlines the use of the word as a nonfigurative expression of the painter's feelings.
An exhibit of nonfigurative stone sculpture by 11 artists is open at Karin Clarke Gallery, 760 Willamette St.
First-rate transfers and special features supplement the 10 titles--four of them masterworks of pure nonfigurative, cinematic expression--but there is little background material for those unfamiliar with the German filmmaker.