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Synonyms for nonextant

no longer in existence


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no longer existing or inaccessible through loss or destruction

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(5) Rather than analyze the relationship between the texts, Erusalimskii eagerly embraces a hypothetical, nonextant common source.
Through a combination of sleuthing and accounting for nonextant editions, Bernstein is able to project a total number of prints produced by sixteenth-century Venetian presses at about double that of previous estimates.
Other works mentioned and no longer extant may have been figments of his imagination, while yet others mentioned in the contemporary periodical literature may have been improvisations never committed to paper (or later published under another title, as in the case of the nonextant Serenata napolitana, a piano piece mentioned in reviews of his 1882 concerts in Galicia, which may have reincarnated later as the third movement of his Escenas sinfonicas) In short, there is always a certain amount of educated guessing involved in such work.
Reconstructing the nonextant plate text, like recovering manuscript or fair copy, aims at capturing the historical moment of first creation, but it resulted in abstractions of the kind Bob referred to as the "work" level, because the excavations cannot be verified and the methods deducing them are suspect.
Further experiments with nonextant partial mimics could help determine the minimum requirement for Batesian mimicry of coral snakes.
The original version of these accounts is either lost or nonextant. A Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort in Hudson's Bay to the Northern Ocean, the version of Hearne's accounts which he personally revised and had published in 1795, is analyzed as well.