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Analyses of nonexploratory behavior (the application and residual categories) showed that there were no significant main effects for condition or experience on either of these two categories, nor were there any significant interaction effects of condition and experience (p values ranged from.
In this study we also looked at nonexploratory application behavior, which refers to the use of Excel procedures to fulfill the task.
In the current study we captured much of these other types of behavior with a category labeled "application." A more detailed analysis of such nonexploratory behavior and its interactions with exploration and performance may provide additional insight into the way people deal with complex tasks.
A Forest Service packer reported a 1998 sighting, he said, that "the government basically buried in its files." (A confirmed sighting would undermine a federal proposal to reintroduce grizzlies on an "experimental nonexploratory" basis, which provides far less protection than the Endangered Species Act.) The Greater Salmon-Selway, he noted, is closer to Glacier and Yellowstone than either one of them is to the other.
In most well-planned nonexploratory studies, prior results and/or a theoretical framework should allow for identification of specific research hypotheses (including the planned set of "all pairwise comparisons").