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not having existence or being or actuality

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It was established during the trial that the nonexistent deposits, which were reported in the cash-in-bank account upon his instructions, represented funds collected for the rural bank by a finance company owned and controlled by Robis and his family.
Reburial of nonexistents; reconsidering the Meinong-Russell debate.
Without these elements, the success of these negotiations remains weak, or even nonexistent, the Minister underlined.
Avoid making false promises (weak or nonexistent content) and links going to error messages.
With tremendous residential development activity currently taking place in Hoboken, and with large blocks of office space virtually nonexistent in Midtown Manhattan, we are confident that Waterfront Corporate Center III will be a similar success mirroring that of our existing two waterfront towers, which are fully leased to a prestigious roster of tenants.
With freedom of information nonexistent in communist Cuba, the news is what the government says it is, and no one outside the ruling circle knows the truth.
Although there is no single factor underlying aggressive behavior in children, my own 30-plus years looking into the relationship between excessive parental discipline and delinquency has convinced me that the violent, recidivist, male juvenile delinquent who was not raised on the belt, board, cord, or fist is nonexistent.
They breached security by posing as employees of a non-existent Serbian electrical company--Elektroda d.o.o.--repairing a nonexistent fault that had been reported by an undercover collaborator working in the theater (code name: Miroslav).
I share [author Gary] Lantz's hope, but so far there is more convincing evidence for the Loch Ness Monster and several other nonexistent spirits than for living ivory-billed woodpeckers.
The other videos, even briefer in duration--all untitled and all from 2005--record encounters between things, images, and signs that create minimal, almost nonexistent, but still somehow significant events, such as the contact of two capers on a plate followed by the sound of a kiss, or the shadow of a hand that touches the shadow of a leaf, or the destruction of an ice cream spoon amid the rocks along a sea coast.
He's become a kind of poster boy for a gay rights movement that just seven years ago was virtually nonexistent, and he hopes his battle will demonstrate the power of one voice to break the silence that breeds discrimination.
[Environ Health Perspect 110:927-937 (2002)], there should have been seven subjects in the 0.007 mg/kg-day group, but EHP erroneously included an extra line (without symbols), indicating a nonexistent eighth subject.
The perinatal transmission that is almost nonexistent in the US is still happening in our countries.
Quite a lot of photos are not yet installed and descriptions are either vestigial or nonexistent which makes the absence of visual material doubly confusing.