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not having existence or being or actuality

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EPA denied API s 2011 petition for reconsideration of the mandate in May and continues to mandate the nonexistent biofuels this year at even higher levels.
Without these elements, the success of these negotiations remains weak, or even nonexistent, the Minister underlined.
Prosecutors filed charges against him while he was on the lam abroad, alleging he ripped off people in 10 fraudulent sales of nonexistent grave plots.
007 mg/kg-day group, but EHP erroneously included an extra line (without symbols), indicating a nonexistent eighth subject.
The perinatal transmission that is almost nonexistent in the US is still happening in our countries.
Quite a lot of photos are not yet installed and descriptions are either vestigial or nonexistent which makes the absence of visual material doubly confusing.
We're lacking roads; detours are everywhere: bridges are falling; bureaucracy is rising; asphalt is disappearing; and traffic signals are nonexistent or so hidden as to be invisible.
That issue is otherwise nonexistent on television," says Berlanti.
The Corps noted that reverse bid auctions may have significant potential when used to procure commodity goods or very simplistic services where the critical issue of variability is very small or nonexistent.
Although 30 years of research have pointed to a link between birth control pill use and the risk of stroke, the association is "tenuous at best and perhaps nonexistent," according to a meta-analysis including 36 studies.
An administration that was panicked about Iraq's virtually nonexistent nuclear programs is blase as North Korea reprocesses plutonium, enriches uranium, and gets set to produce up to 200 atomic weapons by 2010.
It's important to clear this issue up, not because I think making a living by making art is automatically "better" than doing so through advertising, but because I perceive either that my nonexistent "past in fashion" is seen as inferior--and this attitude is the exact opposite of my own feelings toward friends in fashion design and the media--or I'm misconstrued as an apologist for fashion photographers who did desert their million-dollar commissions for "redemption" in art.
We discuss their interpretation under the following three statistical models: nonexistent laboratory-effects model, random laboratory-effects model, and systematic laboratory-effects model.
Youngsters today believe they can do what they want and, due to the nonexistent law enforcement and a large percentage of nonexistent parental control, they can