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Synonyms for nonexempt

(of goods or funds) subject to taxation


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(of persons) not exempt from an obligation or liability


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"A nonexempt employee, or what we commonly call an hourly employee, ispaid for all hours of service," says Steven Modica, principal owner and founder of the Modica Law Firm.
The issue of liability for work being done away from the office is not only not going to go away, but will certainly proliferate as an increasing number of nonexempt employees conduct work remotely on cell phones.
Any disqualifying transfers made within the lookback period may be transferred back to the applicant [referred to as "return of gift"; New York Social Services Law (NYSOS) section 366(5)(d)(3)(iii)]; this strategy is advisable provided that the retransfer would not increase the applicant's nonexempt resources over the $15,150 limit.
Employers can allow nonexempt employees to use accrued paid time off to cover the time away from work due to the closure.
that were previously exempt under the prior rules would now be nonexempt and subject to overtime rules.
"If it is highly likely that the newly nonexempt employee will not have overtime, it may make more sense to keep them on a salary basis," she said.
The third option is to move the employee from exempt to nonexempt status--and not pay them overtime.
Once the estate planning team has confirmed that the law that will govern the continuing trusts created by G1 will allow for springing the Tax Trap, it must ensure that Gl's last will and testament, revocable trust or irrevocable inter vivos GST nonexempt trust (governing instrument) is drafted appropriately.
Likely, most employers will elect to classify these employees as nonexempt and begin paying them overtime.
Under the law, covered, nonexempt employees must be paid at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour for all hours worked, plus time and a half their regular hourly rates for any work beyond 40 hours in a week.
Nonexempt employees must be paid for all hours worked and they are entitled to minimum wage and overtime pay.
The WageWatch annual survey of budgeted pay raises for hotel employees in the coming year shows across the board pay raises for exempt and nonexempt employees averaging 3.0%, with a median of 3.0% and a mode of 3.0%.
If the "absent-minded professor" is a nonexempt employee, he must be paid no less than the applicable minimum wage rate for all hours worked.
Query whether a fraudulent conversion or transfer occurs by converting into exempt property (i.e., the Roth IRA) property which would otherwise be distributed as nonexempt property (i.e., the RMDs).