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Synonyms for nonexempt

(of goods or funds) subject to taxation


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(of persons) not exempt from an obligation or liability


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Employers can allow nonexempt employees to use accrued paid time off to cover the time away from work due to the closure.
that were previously exempt under the prior rules would now be nonexempt and subject to overtime rules.
In a separate article from SHRM, Newly Nonexempt May Embrace Overtime Rule, Oleson, speaking about the policy change that will have some salaried professionals classified as nonexempt and eligible for overtime, said, Some will see it as a demotion, while others will see it as a windfall.
Fraudulent Conversion and Transfer Laws--Under Florida law, a conversion by a debtor of a nonexempt asset to an exempt asset is a fraudulent conversion as to a creditor, which may be set aside by such creditor "whether the creditor's claim to the asset arose before or after the conversion of the asset, if the debtor made the conversion with the intent to hinder, delay, or defraud the creditor.
Reporters for a Chinese-language daily newspaper in San Francisco claimed they should receive overtime pay because they qualified as nonexempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
75 percent for both nonexempt salaried and hourly employees.
The IRS issued a deficiency to both taxpayers, saying the McCords understated the gifts' fair market value and should not have taken the discount for the nonexempt donees' potential liability under section 2035.
We will thus assume, for the rest of our answer, that your employee is nonexempt and entitled to overtime.
The taxpayers subsequently gifted all of their MIL interests irrevocably and unconditionally to several nonexempt and exempt donees via an assignment agreement (AA), on Jan.
The Board also announced the annual indexing of the cutoff level for nonexempt deposit and the reduced reporting limit that will be used to determine deposit reporting panels, effective September 2006.
At the University of Missouri, about 1,200 employees--less than 5 percent of its workforce--were made nonexempt following the new regulations.
The survey looked at the effects of new FLSA rules enacted in August 2004 and how employers are using them to classify workers as either exempt or nonexempt.
misclassified the adjusters as exempt employees when they were, in fact, nonexempt employees entitled to overtime compensation under California laws, he said.
In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, individuals' or businesses' debts are abolished, but their nonexempt assets are liquidated.
The new regulations have discarded the old rule that an exempt individual could not spend more than 20 percent of time on nonexempt work.