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Synonyms for nonessential

Synonyms for nonessential

anything that is not essential


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not of prime or central importance

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The defense has been warning that the military's funds were dwindling rapidly and that various nonessential and essential configurations would have to be temporarily decommissioned.
It warned US citizens remaining in Lahore to limit their nonessential travel within Pakistan, be aware of their surroundings whether in their residences or moving about, make their own contingency emergency plans, enroll their presence in Pakistan through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), and provide their current contact information and next-of-kin or emergency contact information, the State Department official said soon after the issuing of a new travel alert for Pakistan.
We want to appeal to passengers on nonessential flights to postpone their travel.
The DPJ leader needs to give concrete examples of nonessential projects and wasteful use of tax money to increase the party's credibility.
The Mexican government shut down schools and ordered nonessential businesses closed.
Several organizations across the Kingdom are participating in the global event calling on individuals and establishments to turn off the nonessential lights for one hour, from 8 p.
peacekeeping mission yesterday said it would fly out nonessential staff to Ethiopia and Uganda, despite assurances from Sudan that it would protect peacekeepers and humanitarian workers.
Our main goal is to extend and apply the results found in the literature on nonessential functions of mathematical static optimization programming [6,7] to functionals of optimal control theory.
27, when the orbiting observatory abruptly went into "safe mode," turning off its nonessential detectors, including several in the telescope's showcase instrument, the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS).
One avenue where strategically curtailing consumption can yield earnings is via Demand Response--an energy incentive program, where energy users receive financial incentives simply by agreeing to shed nonessential electricity in the event of a power shortage (think of the hottest and coldest days of the year).
Its workers are not engaging in work stoppages but are refusing to sell nonessential "extras" such as hot drinks, food and alcohol "that contribute so much to the company's profits.
or [ordering] the addition of new nonessential elements.
Bush surprised many observers by calling on Americans to curtail nonessential travel as a solution to the fossil-fuel crunch.
Accurately: Mazu Profiler alerted on actual activity versus flooding security teams with nonessential alerts warning of hypothetical threats.