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not interchangeable

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Measuring such nonequivalence is difficult in the context of an international relationship, especially the one between South Korea and North Korea, since Pyongyang has thus far refused equivalent diplomatic negotiations.
These remarks shall be written down in front of each theme, in the column of remarks and propositions, accompanied by the solution foreseen for solving the nonequivalence, eventually for the urgency of solving (term of elaboration of a new standard, of revision, update, harmonization with international documents etc.
137) The result is that in Moore, the court supported its finding of nonequivalence by noting the affirmative choice made by the patentee, whereas in Warner-Jenkinson the lower court had not yet made a finding as to the reason for the patentee's amendment to the claim.
Taken together, the empirical evidence clearly indicates that psychotherapy nonequivalence is the rule, not the exception.
Because of nonrandom assignment (and the resulting nonequivalence of groups), it is unrealistic to be able to control for all factors that may affect differences between the groups before assessing the effect of group type on the outcomes.
A prospective, nonequivalence, before-after study compared efficacy of, and complications from, laparoscopic surgery for symptomatic GERD between younger and older ([greater than or equal to] 65 years) patients.
Nevertheless, this nonequivalence remains compatible with Einstein's famous equation, relating the total energy [E.
and thus acknowledge the nonequivalence of the state's actions in
Of the latter, the flypaper effect, understood as the nonequivalence of the effect on public spending of a federal grant and an increase in income of the same amount, has become an important area of research.
both equivalence and non-equivalence are not merely a matter of norms, but a function of the same norms: any deviation from that which is established as translation equivalence according to a certain set of norms implies nonequivalence relative to these very norms, but relative to them only" (Toury, 1980: 69-70; cf.
Nonequivalence between the number of linkage groups and the number of chromosomes has also been reported in other studies (Young et al 1998, Vivek & Simon 1999).
Take, for instance, the transman, the dyke boi, the genderqueer: these figures now serve as powerful new forms of what both feminist and queer theory have taken as the nonequivalence between (biological, anatomical) sex and (social, psychic) gender.
Third, violating random assignment protocols may lead to the nonequivalence of experimental and comparison groups.
In a 1993 study aptly tided" The Nonequivalence of High School Equivalents;' Stephen Cameron and James Heckman found that recipients of a regular high-school degree earn approximately 11 percent more than youths with a GED certificate.
If computerized testing does not allow the examinee to skip around or know the number of items being administered as a conventional paper-and-pencil test does, then this is another factor that leads to nonequivalence between the two versions of the test (Moreland, 1992).