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not interchangeable

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To control for possible bias resulting from this nonequivalence, we reran the analysis with a subset of the control group that was much more similar to the treatment group initially.
In the progressive perspective on security policy toward the North, the key factors of flexible reciprocity can be summarized as nonequivalence, asynchronism, and asymmetry.
These remarks shall be written down in front of each theme, in the column of remarks and propositions, accompanied by the solution foreseen for solving the nonequivalence, eventually for the urgency of solving (term of elaboration of a new standard, of revision, update, harmonization with international documents etc.).
Protons 7a and 7b nonequivalence in the [.sup.1]H NMR is evidence that the aspartate is H-bonded into a ring structure.
Asample size of 30 per group was needed to reject the null hypothesis (of nonequivalence) with a power of 80% and significance level of 5% if the specified alternative hypothesis (of equivalence) was true.
The Federal Circuit Has Applied Specific Exclusion to Find Nonequivalence where the Accused Device is Substantially Different from the Language of a Claim Limitation C.
Posing questions about the social uses of aesthetic production, it undermines its own title's sign of nonequivalence.
Taken together, the empirical evidence clearly indicates that psychotherapy nonequivalence is the rule, not the exception.
A prospective, nonequivalence, before-after study compared efficacy of, and complications from, laparoscopic surgery for symptomatic GERD between younger and older ([greater than or equal to] 65 years) patients.
Nevertheless, this nonequivalence remains compatible with Einstein's famous equation, relating the total energy [E.sub.T] and mass [M.sub.T],
The problem of metaphorical nonequivalence in cross-cultural survey research: Comparing the mental health statuses of Hmong refugee and general population adolescents.
and thus acknowledge the nonequivalence of the state's actions in
Of the latter, the flypaper effect, understood as the nonequivalence of the effect on public spending of a federal grant and an increase in income of the same amount, has become an important area of research.
(12) "[...] both equivalence and non-equivalence are not merely a matter of norms, but a function of the same norms: any deviation from that which is established as translation equivalence according to a certain set of norms implies nonequivalence relative to these very norms, but relative to them only" (Toury, 1980: 69-70; cf.
Third, violating random assignment protocols may lead to the nonequivalence of experimental and comparison groups.