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a solution that conducts electricity

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fluminea epithelia were relatively non-leaky during a 36-h exposure to a hyperosmotic nonelectrolyte challenge.
Conductance measurements reveal that they are nonelectrolytes in DMF.
Donan dialysis, a process related to the transport of charged particles, and pertraction, where a liquid membrane is used to separate nonelectrolytes or electrolytes, are examples [26, 27].
The inverse Kirkwood-Buff integral (IKBI) is a powerful tool for evaluating the preferential solvation of nonelectrolytes in solvent mixtures, describing the local compositions around a solute with respect to the different components present in the solvent mixture (Ben-Naim, A.
More specifically, neuronal cells require both electrolytes and nonelectrolytes for performing nerve transmission but electrolytes play a vital role in the maintenance of osmotic pressure and acid base equilibrium in matrix.
Concentration dependence of surface tension for very dilute aqueous solutions of organic nonelectrolytes, J.
Thermodynamic analysis of the permeability of biological membranes to nonelectrolytes.