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filled by appointment rather than by election

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17, 2018, the IRS approved an employer's proposal to offer a "student loan repayment nonelective contribution" under its 401(k) plan.
After bivariate analyses, we identified allergy, diabetes, depression, anxiety, smoking, ED visits prior to surgery, elective vs nonelective surgery, and insurance type for inclusion in the final regression model (Table 1) in accordance with our study protocol.
If the plan permits, employers can contribute a percentage of each employee's compensation to the employee's account (a nonelective contribution) or can, within certain limits, match the amount of employees' elective deferrals or do both.
Existing studies on operating room scheduling and planning in the literature are divided into two major groups, as elective and nonelective patients.
GBTM (BIC -24605, AIC -2453) classified the patient population into 5 subgroups based on their nonelective readmissions: low-impact (Group 2, n = 4305, 66.0%), 2 intermediate groups (Group 3, n = 848, 14.5%; Group 1, n = 325, 5.9%), short-term highimpact (Group 4, n = 610, 12.1%), chronic high-impact (Group 5, n = 84, 1.4%) (Figure 2).
(7) The majority of c-sections performed are nonelective, and of these, postoperative infections occur in 12% of women who receive standard prophylaxis.
Unplanned surgeries occurred in 64% of the nonelective admissions.
Clark says small plans are more often top-heavy than large plans, so they may have to provide a qualified nonelective contribution (QNEC).
Alternatively, employers can shelter in a safe harbor with a "nonelective contribution." Here, the company contributes 3% of compensation to each eligible employee's 401(k) account, regardless of whether a worker is making elective deferrals.
The vast majority (83%) of plans have employer contributions, 50% of which have employer matching contributions, and 37% of which have employer nonelective contributions.
With the complicated changes of hemodynamics, the chimney technique should not become the "holy grail" of endovascular treatment for extending the proximal landing zone in elective or nonelective patients.[sup][4]
457(b) plan of nonqualified deferred compensation, any contribution, whether it is in the form of a deferral elected by an employee or a matching or "nonelective" contribution made by the employer, will be treated as a deferral and be subject to Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes and Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) taxes when the services are performed or the contribution is no longer subject to a substantial risk of forfeiture.
Across the whole of England, 15,396 patients died within 30 days of nonelective surgery in 2012/13.
Carl Wilson, a Grants Pass Republican, said he didn't like the state creating a "nonelective process" to register voters "casually" when they go to the DMV.
Quote: "Work continues on developing a Sustainable, Safe Surgical Nonelective service for the population of North Wales....