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filled by appointment rather than by election

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The first is a tendency to invalidate statutes in impressive numbers, disregarding Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes's admonition that nonelected judges should give great deference to democratically elected legislatures.
The smaller group of nonelected members on citizens' district councils were local entrepreneurs appointed by the mayor.
The outcomes reflect the views of a small number of nonelected officials (judges or juries) rather than the preferences of society at large.
As nonelected bodies, central banks are typically held accountable to government or parliament or the general public for their stewardship of policy.
The reforms divided institutional power between the PLC and the FSLN, freezing out minor parties, disqualifying them from participating in election campaigns, allowing the two parties complete control over primaries and legislative slates, and providing nonelected seats in the Assembly for the outgoing president and losing presidential candidate (see NotiCen, 1999-12-23).
In the new legislature, which begins March 11, the Concertacion will have 20 elected senators, plus three nonelected senators, while the Alianza will have 18 elected and four nonelected senators.
The Guilt of Nations is an important book for a variety of people: practitioners of conflict transformation, elected political leaders, nonelected NGO leaders, and students of both political theory and ethics.
Second, if carriers were allowed such a right, it would in effect create numerous, nonelected "mini-legislatures" out of these carriers as each crafts its own additional rights.
Further, nonelected officials take direction from and are answerable directly to elected officials.
Once in command, the dictatorship sought to eliminate future politicians' "excesses." The 1980 constitution expressed true disdain for democratic political representation through its extreme presidentialist design; a bizarre, binomial majoritarian electoral system; and a set of powerful nonelected governing bodies.
Field Guide calls into question the closed-door meetings and the limited and nonelected membership of the World Trade Organization, founded in 1994 to rule bindingly on trade disputes among member nations.
For example, a May 1997 Pew Research Center poll found that 40 percent of respondents claimed to know who Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was (an unusually high percentage for a nonelected official).
The representatives (and executive) further delegate to the nonelected public service the task of implementing public policies.
Before direct elections, the nonelected MEPs' insistence that direct elections would not induce the elected Parliament to seek greater power, notably at the Council's expense, bedevilled elected MEPs' efforts to transform the European Parliament's authority and to alter its supervisory and advisory functions and transform it into genuine legislative authority.
The consortium is organized and controlled by nonelected officials rather than city councils or mayors, which removes it somewhat from political pressures.