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filled by appointment rather than by election

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Heres my question never asked about the Federal Reserve Act of 1913: How much sense does it make for us to give seven nonelected people life-and-death control over our economy and hence our lives?
103) Few federal courts, however, have addressed the selection of nonelected school board members under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act; (104) and those that have addressed the intersection of Section 2 and non-elected school boards have been hostile to such efforts.
If they believe governments or local authorities are in any way restricting their ability to produce these super-profits, they will be allowed to sue in courts that will be above the laws of the land, and heard only by a tribunal of nonelected businessmen.
Whilst massive reform is still needed, the fear is that we substitute the system of nonelected individuals who have found merit in the eyes of the better connected in our society, with a system of apparent democracy open to political manipulation.
277) That case had left open the treatment of "payments made to nonelected officials or .
It is quite enough that we overpay MPs, let alone these nonelected, elitist individuals.
In 2011, Hoyle played a key role in Kitzhaber's health care and education reforms, sponsoring legislation that created the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange and serving as chief co-sponsor of legislation that made the state's superintendent of public instruction a nonelected position and paved the way for the hiring of a governor-appointed chief education investment officer.
He said Tareen is nonelected person in the party and his presence is more valuable in the party for his sugar mills, private jets and copters.
Some similar claims were proposed by two or more participant groupings; specifically, the facilitation of leadership opportunities, the role of nonelected leaders at the school, and the notion of servant leadership.
The mayor, Gustavo Petro, a progressive, was removed by the inspector general, a nonelected government official who owes his post to backroom political dealings (NotiSur, Jan.
I suggest that members of Parliament--and the prime minister--be required to examine proposed amendments from the Senate with an open mind and justify their response, instead of rejecting such proposals out of hand, and with no explanation, under the excuse that they come from nonelected senators.
Compared with Wednesday's trials, Thursday's regents meeting may sound dull - were it not set against the backdrop of the ongoing legislative investigation of one of the board's members, Wallace Hall, who could become the first nonelected government appointee in the state's history to be impeached.
In this bloated roster of nonelected fantasy executive office-holders we have a spectacular efflorescence of nonprofit-sector "progressivism"--the kind that mills decorously on the margins of the system, enrobed in leftish virtue while going about the business of bureaucratic self-promotion and endless self-serving fund-raising; hence the illusion of being "players," without the taint of implication in the crimes of the status quo.
He was hired by Florida as its education commissioner, a nonelected post that pays $275,000, in December.
For a private citizen, Pope has amassed an extraordinary amount of political power, perhaps unmatched by a nonelected official in any other state.