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Synonyms for nonetheless



Synonyms for nonetheless

in spite of a preceding event or consideration

Synonyms for nonetheless

despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession)

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None the less, the thoroughness, focus, and new material in this study make it a useful addition to Monikova scholarship.
The need for an organization such as the League was becoming apparent at that time, as evidence of anti-Catholic sentiment became more secular and subtle, yet none the less real.
AFS' change is still in the development stage but none the less important to announce.
None the less, the whole collection forms a coherent volume and the publisher is to be congratulated for bringing together all these essays in a readily accessible form.
But it none the less reinterprets tradition, not only in its ravishing spaces, but in its careful use of passive climate-control arrangements to reduce artificial cooling loads, and in its very careful healing of wounds in the rain forest inevitably caused by a major building site.
It only took one-and-a-half years to "replace" Ghetto Jay Strickland, but none the less Birdhouse appointed Billy Tinnell as its new team manager.
sanctions on Burma have no real impact, it suggests that they be lifted none the less.
It remains none the less true, however, that every popular government should in the end, and after a necessarily prolonged deliberation, possess the power of taking any action, which, in the opinion of a decisive majority of the people, is demanded by the public welfare.
Yet God has granted me enough faith to believe that I am right now just where I am supposed to be, and that my partner and I share a friendship that burns none the less brightly for our not being married.
None the less, one overall co-op corporation is the owner.
None the less, somewhere deep down, there lurks the rocky bottom.
Arguing that "Islam and the West" does not represent the next arena of global ideological struggle, the authors none the less examine specific issues of a bilateral nature which require careful handling to prevent the consolidation of states into opposing blocs.
The idea that one's guilt or innocence should be determined by a jury of one's peers is often associated with concepts such as democracy, and more broadly with the legitimation of the criminal justice system, None the less, where they are used, juries are typically involved in only a few per cent of cases and even then face recurrent criticisms not only for bias but for their comprehension of complex cases.