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Antonyms for nondisposable

(of assets) unavailable for use


not designed to be thrown away after use


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Clinicians have accepted these devices as equivalent to nondisposable oral devices without evidence to support that judgment.
As for the turnout in the mass market by way of skin care, Mintel noted in its report, "Blacks and Personal Care-US March 2011," African-American consumers are more willing to purchase less expensive brands or store brands for some categories, such as disposable and nondisposable razors, and are "totally unwilling" to do so for hair care and skin care products.
The cost argument can be overcome by encouraging people to reuse paper bags - an aim of the deposit provision in SB 536 - or switch to nondisposable bags.
Hess et al (9) compared the compression volume in five adult disposable breathing circuits and a nondisposable circuit.
To help prevent injury to the deep circumflex vessels, we also recommend exclusive use of blunt nondisposable robotic trocar obturators (instead of semisharp single-use obturators) for all robot-assisted procedures employing lateral placement of the third instrument arm.
A public relations effort is gearing up for the product in the South, where USA Drug operates, and Spencer expects the green benefits of the nondisposable products to win over consumers in the Northwest, upstate New York and Vermont, where Bartell and Kinney operate.
Clarification and purification of viral vaccines, recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies expressed by yeast, bacterial and mammalian cells at a commercial scale previously involved the use of nondisposable hardware that required extensive sterilization and cleaning validation.
Automated processing of forensic casework samples using robotic workstations equipped with nondisposable tips: contamination prevention.
Renal biopsies were performed in the ward, initially by a nondisposable Vim silverman needle, which was later replaced with disposable needles.
Create signs and placards that prompt employees to turn off lights, check that all doors are secure, and use nondisposable water bottles and utensils.
Pilgrim (biology emerita, Tyler Junior College, Texas), who also serves as a consultant, gives non-veterinarians specific and complete instructions on collecting and preparing semen for themselves, including understanding the reproductive physiology of the stallion, securing supplies, gathering nondisposable and disposable equipment, preparing for collection, collecting the stallion, preparing semen, using sperm counters, using a microscope, constructing a breeding mount, understanding the reproductive physiology of the mare, inseminating the mare artificially.
The irreversible increase of this nondisposable energy in the universe is measured by the abstract dimension that Rudolph Clausius in 1865 called entropy (from the Greek entrope, change).
What has slowed down adoption in North America the last two years is the lack of value proposition to consumers who want to conveniently move their nondisposable images downstream into prints for long-term archiving.
Based on factors such as operating room time and the use of disposable and nondisposable equipment, the mean institutional per-patient cost of surgery was $460.