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Myers said the company's long record of nondevelopment and delay had made a "mockery" of its obligations to the state as owner of the oil and gas estate.
Nondevelopment or late development of social skills can cause problems in child behavior (Elibol-Gultekin, 2008).
complicated problems, (53) of accommodating nondevelopment interests in
Today, this historically remarkable experiment in conflict prevention through mutual self-restraint and nondevelopment remains in place, where many countries conduct research in jointly occupied and accessible stations.
The repulsion hypothesis: On the nondevelopment of relationships.
The mounds of literature about foreign aid and economic growth, as pointed out by Carol Adelman and Nicholas Eberhardt in "Foreign Aid: What Works and What Doesn't" (American Enterprise Institute), show that "these state-to-state transfers inhibit competitiveness, create dependency, and absorb or misallocate political resources or energies in recipient countries: note that aid is motivated by nondevelopment donor and contractor interests; and prove that aid engenders a lack of feedback and accountability, encouraging host country graft and corruption."
What exactly causes near intractable nondevelopment? A few reasons are painfully obvious:
The second treatise comes from the pen of Paul Collier, a lifetime expert on the nondevelopment of fifty-eight small countries, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.
The danger of nondevelopment thus accentuates that property rights
A conservation easement, typically a non-use or nondevelopment of land, would rarely conflict with a bylaw in this manner.
He further suggests that foreign loans and aid are largely consumed rather than invested productively and foreign assistance cause a strong shift of public domestic resources from development projects to nondevelopment expenditures.
The great field biologist Alfred Russel Wallace expressed similar optimism about the prospects for converting the "primeval forest" into "rich pasture and meadow land." Recent successes challenge long-prevalent scientific arguments about the basin's poor soils and resulting fragility as reasons to pursue nondevelopment policies.
Receiving an award is not affected by whether a CTE or an associate degree student passes his or her first nondevelopment math course, but graduation is ensured if they take math sometime during their program, preferably in the year following enrollment.
Concerns about Type I error plus the problems of judicial application of overly complex antitrust principles explain a major nondevelopment in the past generation of antitrust: the fact that "post-Chicago" economic approaches to antitrust have had no important impact in the courts.
As was mentioned previously, constant incorporation can lead to a nondevelopment of boundaries of the self.