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has been placed on making sure that nondevelopment uses are not lost
risk of patent nondevelopment by allowing for longer patent terms.
Receiving an award is not affected by whether a CTE or an associate degree student passes his or her first nondevelopment math course, but graduation is ensured if they take math sometime during their program, preferably in the year following enrollment.
Concerns about Type I error plus the problems of judicial application of overly complex antitrust principles explain a major nondevelopment in the past generation of antitrust: the fact that "post-Chicago" economic approaches to antitrust have had no important impact in the courts.
The capital investment in the delineation process must not be so great that it forecloses nondevelopment or nonexploitation as a viable option in choosing alternative uses of the environment containing the reservoir.
Apartheid -said to be separate development by its promoters -was really nondevelopment for the black communities.
Instead, it decided to circle the wagons and go into the denial stage of nondevelopment.
If you don't get the repenting out of the way early, Jones and others say, the media will drag this thing out for weeks, replaying every little nondevelopment nightly on TV, until they get to the truth--which, the coaches caution, they generally will.
The practice of private preservation trusts to steer private nondevelopment buyers to properties with semi five natural resources.
7 years, and relinquished certain future development rights (subject to repurchase and nondevelopment terms as set forth in the agreement) over certain counties in the Florida panhandle and South Florida in consideration of $500,000, which is being treated by the Company as an offset to Family's past-due royalty fees.
While the provincial expenditures include the development and nondevelopment expenditures on the provincial research institutes, data for the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and the Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC), autonomous bodies under the federal government, was obtained separately.
whose passage suggested that a nondevelopment ethic was establishing
Pakistan has been advised by the IMF to curtail its huge nondevelopment expenditure especially by closing down many of its departments and agencies.
Citing Coke's Institutes for the principle, "for what is land but the profits thereof," the majority opinion in Lucas(28) implies that return on investment may be a significant criterion of post-regulation, economically beneficial use, and that a nondevelopment use may be considered not an economically viable use.
Not only have we made `linking' visible to their nondevelopment counterparts, we've made quality linking essential since reducing file sizes by 50 percent has such a positive effect on the bottom line.