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has been placed on making sure that nondevelopment uses are not lost
The danger of nondevelopment thus accentuates that property rights
A conservation easement, typically a non-use or nondevelopment of land, would rarely conflict with a bylaw in this manner.
He further suggests that foreign loans and aid are largely consumed rather than invested productively and foreign assistance cause a strong shift of public domestic resources from development projects to nondevelopment expenditures.
Recent successes challenge long-prevalent scientific arguments about the basin's poor soils and resulting fragility as reasons to pursue nondevelopment policies.
Receiving an award is not affected by whether a CTE or an associate degree student passes his or her first nondevelopment math course, but graduation is ensured if they take math sometime during their program, preferably in the year following enrollment.
Concerns about Type I error plus the problems of judicial application of overly complex antitrust principles explain a major nondevelopment in the past generation of antitrust: the fact that "post-Chicago" economic approaches to antitrust have had no important impact in the courts.
As was mentioned previously, constant incorporation can lead to a nondevelopment of boundaries of the self.
The capital investment in the delineation process must not be so great that it forecloses nondevelopment or nonexploitation as a viable option in choosing alternative uses of the environment containing the reservoir.
Apartheid -said to be separate development by its promoters -was really nondevelopment for the black communities.
Instead, it decided to circle the wagons and go into the denial stage of nondevelopment.
If you don't get the repenting out of the way early, Jones and others say, the media will drag this thing out for weeks, replaying every little nondevelopment nightly on TV, until they get to the truth--which, the coaches caution, they generally will.
Speculative bidding and associated nondevelopment of leases due to high royalty rates in oil leasing are reported by Mead et al.
The practice of private preservation trusts to steer private nondevelopment buyers to properties with semi five natural resources.
In this model, the situation of today's northern communities is the consequence of underdevelopment or, at best, nondevelopment in which aboriginal lands and people have been stripped of whatever is valued by alien, dominant interests.