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Synonyms for nondescript

Synonyms for nondescript

a person is not easily classified and not very interesting

lacking distinct or individual characteristics

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The nondescript replied in encouraging terms, and brought him to a coffee-shop in the street within a stone's throw.
The nondescript knew two Miss Dorrits; one who was born inside-- That was the one
This changed the client's half-formed design of remaining at the coffee-shop until the nondescript should bring him word that Dorrit had issued forth into the street.
Thus spake Zarathustra and was about to go; but the nondescript grasped at a corner of his garment and began anew to gurgle and seek for words.
Thou nondescript," said he, "thou warnedst me against thy path.
Such a senseless lie, too, yet it shattered her nerves and made her connect these Emersons, friends of Cecil's, with a pair of nondescript tourists.
In those early days she had been much loved by others of her own sex and age, and had used to be seen about the village as one of three--all nearly of the same year--walking home from school side by side; Tess the middle one--in a pink print pinafore, of a finely reticulated pattern, worn over a stuff frock that had lost its original colour for a nondescript tertiary--marching on upon long stalky legs, in tight stockings which had little ladder-like holes at the knees, torn by kneeling in the roads and banks in search of vegetable and mineral treasures; her then earth-coloured hair handing like pot-hooks; the arms of the two outside girls resting round the waist of Tess; her arms on the shoulders of the two supporters.
She had eaten the meal that had been brought her by Mohammed Beyd's Negro slave--a meal of cassava cakes and a nondescript stew in which a new-killed monkey, a couple of squirrels and the remains of a zebra, slain the previous day, were impartially and unsavorily combined; but the one-time Baltimore belle had long since submerged in the stern battle for existence, an estheticism which formerly revolted at much slighter provocation.
The other man, in nondescript garments that were both of the sea and shore, and that must have been uncomfortably hot, slouched and shambled like an overgrown ape.
In thoroughfares nigh the docks, any considerable seaport will frequently offer to view the queerest looking nondescripts from foreign parts.
There was Terrence the Magnificent--descended, as Van Horn remembered, from the American-bred Milton Droleen, out of the Queen of County Antrim, Breda Muddler, which royal bitch, as every one who is familiar with the stud book knows, goes back as far as the almost mythical Spuds, with along the way no primrose dallyings with black- and-tan Killeney Boys and Welsh nondescripts.
But these are nondescripts and may be found equally among Hellenes and among barbarians.
A nondescript warehouse by an East London dual-carriageway isn't the most obvious place for time travelling.
Mwamba v Nondescript (Railway Club) Impala Saracens v Nakuru (Impala Club)Mombasa v KCB (Mombasa Sports Club)Kabras Sugar v Kisii ( Kisumu)Homeboyz v Blak Blad (Jamhuri Park)Quins v Strathmore Leos (RFUEA)
The beloved bar, Anna Loulou, which is tucked away on a nondescript side street a few blocks from Jaffa's flea market, has started offering a happy hour for people who are menstruating.