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not crystalline


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The nanosilica did not display any crystalline peaks, which was consistent with the silica nanoparticles being noncrystalline at that size scale.
Discover Screens include an early development polymorph screen for crystalline material, a salt screen for non-crystalline material or when improved solubility or purity is needed, and a crystallization screen for a crystalline form of a noncrystalline material.
Boudot JP (1992) Relative efficiency of complexed aluminum, noncrystalline A1 hydroxide, allophone and imogolite in retarding the biodegradation of citric acid.
A new chemical technique for depositing a noncrystalline form of silicon into the long, ultrathin pores of optical fibers has been developed by an international team of scientists in the United States and the United Kingdom.
plant "cellulases" show low or no activity on crystalline cellulose, but clearly measurable activity on soluble cellulose derivatives, such as carboxymethyl cellulose, noncrystalline phosphoric acid swollen cellulose, or a variety of plant polysaccharide substrates, including xylans, 1,3-1,4-- glucans, (Yoshida and Komae, 2006; Urbanowiczet al.
d], indicating that there are substantial amounts of noncrystalline iron oxides in these soils (Fontes et al.
CONTEXT: Man-made vitreous fibers (MMVFs) are noncrystalline inorganic fibrous material used for thermal and acoustical insulation (e.
make a selection of sugar confections including crystalline, noncrystalline, aerated, and jelly.
According to x-ray characteristics, Shungit is a noncrystalline form of carbon with a graphitic structure.
Heavily filled with noncrystalline nanoparticles, NanoTool allows for faster processing and reduced finishing requirements, speeding part production, says DSM Somos.
Providing examples of nanostructure control, fabrication, modeling, and exploitation, they consider such topics as the emergence of efficient non-crystalline atomic organization in nanostructures, organic-inorganic nanocomposite membranes for molecular separation processes, preparing monolithic noncrystalline ceramics, and noncrystalline light metal hydrides for hydrogen storage.
All participants indicated that a noncrystalline (nonsymmetrical) particle containing PbBaSb might be characterized as a GSR particle.
Kilian, "Packing of Chain Segments--A Method for Describing X-Ray Patterns of Crystalline, Liquid-Crystalline and Noncrystalline Polymers," Adv.
The team speculates that the galaxies that showed no evidence of the crystals either hadn't yet produced much of the material or had already converted it to a noncrystalline form.