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Appreciable amounts of noncrystalline iron and aluminum oxides as indicated by oxalate-extractable Fe and Al are present in Nb and Ti profiles and may contribute to positive surface charge in these soils (Parfitt 1981; Sposito 1989).
According to x-ray characteristics, Shungit is a noncrystalline form of carbon with a graphitic structure.
Providing examples of nanostructure control, fabrication, modeling, and exploitation, they consider such topics as the emergence of efficient non-crystalline atomic organization in nanostructures, organic-inorganic nanocomposite membranes for molecular separation processes, preparing monolithic noncrystalline ceramics, and noncrystalline light metal hydrides for hydrogen storage.
Kilian, "Packing of Chain Segments--A Method for Describing X-Ray Patterns of Crystalline, Liquid-Crystalline and Noncrystalline Polymers," Adv.
The team speculates that the galaxies that showed no evidence of the crystals either hadn't yet produced much of the material or had already converted it to a noncrystalline form.
Soil structure is a complex interaction among soil texture, clay mineralogy, SOM, inorganic noncrystalline materials, plants and soil organisms, soil profile depth and human activities (Kay and Angers, 2000).
Noncrystalline components greatly influence the physical and chemical activity of materials and complicate the identification of crystalline phases.
By evaporating a large volume of blood to dryness, he was able to extract small translucent, noncrystalline plates from the residue.
Despite acceptance in ductile iron foundries, some controversy still remains in certain segments over noncrystalline carbon's effects on nucleation.
PumaSil noncrystalline, nonquartz silica in a range of particle sizes and particle-size distributions.
Keep those words in mind because, if you look here, in 1922, noncrystalline amorphous silica was reported to have a fibrosing action.
Retention of phenolic acids by noncrystalline hydroxy-aluminum and -iron compounds and clay minerals of soil.
The editor has composed five separate, thematic volumes on thin films of metals, semimetals, glasses, ceramics, alloys, organics, diamonds, graphites, porous materials, noncrystalline solids, supramolecules, polymers, copolymers, biopolymers, composites, blends, activated carbons, intermetallics, chalcogenides, dyes, pigments, nanostructured materials, biomaterials, inorganic/polymer composites, organoceramics, metallocenes, disordered systems, liquid crystals, quasicrystals, and layered structures.
g] (100[degrees]C) leads to an increase in the orientation of the macromolecular chains in the drawing direction, which act as crosslinks in the noncrystalline region and hinder the relaxation of macromolecule chains.
Huang PM, Wang TSC, Wang MK, Wu MH, Hsu NW (1977) Retention of phenolic acids by noncrystalline hydroxy-aluminum and iron compounds and clay minerals of soils.