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Synonyms for noncritical

not in a state of crisis or emergency



marked by disregard for critical standards or procedures


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Scenarios where violation descriptions with and without the coding word (used to classify the violation type, such as critical, noncritical, priority, priority foundation, and core) were used to assess how coding words impact manager risk perceptions.
"Among inpatients with type 2 diabetes receiving noncritical care, the use of an automated, closed-loop insulin-delivery system resulted in significantly better glycemic control than conventional subcutaneous insulin therapy, without a higher risk of hypoglycemia," the authors write.
The chief added the teenager was not hurt during the incident but her vehicle suffered serious damage. On the other hand, the 60-year-old examiner was taken to the local hospital with noncritical injuries. 
There are cuts that can -- and probably should -- be made in noncritical areas.
3.Optimize and extend private cloud For generic, noncritical workloads, many organizations first implement private cloud environments with the aim of lowering costs and achieving greater agility.
After that, the 0[degrees]/180[degrees] phase control strategy of ES is proposed to restrain the demand side power fluctuation of active distribution network and the selection basis of noncritical loads is also obtained.
"We look at noncritical positions and do it based on merit when multiple people are in the same job."
SEATTLE -- In an effort to bring more accessible and affordable health care to its customers, as well as its employees, Bartell Drugs has expanded its range of services to include treatment for a host of noncritical medical services.
The faults are classified to critical and noncritical faults according to the severity recorded in the fault report.
The proposed energy management strategy is referred to an architecture where two DC busses are introduced: a critical bus and a noncritical bus.
The ADA added a section on the role of newly available biosimilar insulins, as well, and clarified that either basal insulin or basal plus bolus correctional insulin can be used to treat noncritical inpatients, but noted that "sole use of sliding scale insulin in the inpatient hospital setting is strongly discouraged."
Most congenital heart defects are noncritical, but critical defects lead to significant morbidity and mortality if not treated promptly after birth (Mahle et al.
In a HST communication network, we can distinguish two types of communications: critical and noncritical communications.
In the 112 enrolled patients with unstable angina, 67 patients were diagnosed by CAG with critical CAD and 45 with noncritical CAD.
Instead it is likely pilots will use it for noncritical tasks to keep their hands free for the important things.