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Synonyms for noncritical

not in a state of crisis or emergency



marked by disregard for critical standards or procedures


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Descriptive analyses determined the number of inspections performed each year and within each risk category; the mean number of violations cited during an inspection; the frequencies of inspections resulting in critical violations, noncritical violations, and no violations; the frequency of inspections with a history of complaint; and the average days between routine inspections for establishments of different risk categories and between years.
The noncritical caster bolt failures were due to the caster adjustment bolts being too small to support the load of the test dummy and wheelchair while traveling over the slats of the MDT.
With RCM, building systems are divided into critical and noncritical systems and components, altering PM from strict compliance to a stated frequency to an adjustable frequency based on criticality, predictive maintenance, runhours or other allowable deviations.
However, thanks to the incorporation of brake choppers in the Interroll Drive and ZoneControls, the feedback of voltage is restricted to a noncritical level.
We've retained these employees as clinic patients, making it easier for them to receive treatment, and worked with this same employer for noncritical occupational issues, such as drug treatment, head lacerations or knee strain.
Very large enterprises have started moving noncritical
Airbus said: "We confirm cracks were found on noncritical wing attachments on a limited number of A380s.
In the coronary angiogram, noncritical plaques were observed in the left anterior descending artery and the right coronary artery.
Because none of the noncritical specimens were retested to detect false-negative results, the [beta] error is not evaluated.
2011) was peer-reviewed, it presents information in a selective, noncritical manner, which is best reserved for public relation pieces communicated in the non-peer-reviewed media.
All other noncritical services will eventually migrate to external providers, having the long-term effect of shrinking physical data centre requirements.
Many of the factories extract their own seawater which they use in non-sensitive, noncritical, clearly demarcated areas for flushing.
Nine soldiers were also wounded and a noncritical building was partially damaged as the insurgents attempted to enter the base, NATO said in a statement.
Management should consider steps to eliminate noncritical items on the balance sheet and make sure all other assets and liabilities are properly stated or disclosed in notes to the financial statements.
In August Hardinge announced it would begin outsourcing many noncritical components made in its northern New York headquarters plant with a concomitant workforce reduction of 15%.