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(of lines, planes, or surfaces) never meeting or crossing

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We develop a new BUDA designed to encourage nonlinear pricing and thus alleviate the erratic and nonconvergent efficiency roller coasters that avoidable cost market structures are known to generate in the more typical MUDA.
The fields seem to be running on parallel, nonconvergent tracks--and this despite the rise in the 1980s of New Historicism (much vaunted by literature professors, but not historians), which had perhaps its most histrionic announcement of its supposed synthesis of literary and historical interpretation in Stephen Greenblatt's since-parodied proclamation, "I began with the desire to speak with the dead" (Shakespeare Negotiations [1988]).
Essentially, because the BBTTBT experimental design is predicated on convergence toward intrinsic value pricing (and eventually no trading at all) under the baseline, structural breaks in the time series of asset market prices become harder to detect in the presence of nonconvergent baseline data.
First, are there differences between what one can learn from subject groups that yield convergent prices during the baseline and what one can learn from subject groups that yield nonconvergent prices during the baseline?
The data generated by nonconvergent groups would tell us how subjects who collectively cannot find their way to the theoretical equilibrium under the baseline react to beat-the-market incentives under the treatment.
Malmgren (1961) conjectures that environmental complexity increases nonconvergent expectations among contracting parties.
It was also observed that D-tryptophan had no effect on thermal orientation in a gradient or on is othermal tracking in which a worm moves circularly in a radial gradient at its preferred temperature, suggesting that chemical and thermal stimulation operate through separate, nonconvergent pathways.
If the condition is violated, either the system is locally nonconvergent or the dynamics settle into a cycle.
This algorithm utilizes the algorithm for finding differences between objects and their convex hulls to check whether any given stage of the ASV decomposition is nonconvergent.
It remains an open question, I think, whether the sequence of Beckett's personal revelations is a convergent or a nonconvergent sequence.
Further, the regression coefficients associated with nonstationary time series are nonconvergent in probability when the sample size grows.
If the parties continue their pattern of nonsymmetric and nonconvergent strategies, the distributions of partisanship and preferences will continue to shift.
If A chooses 400, he will win for sure and receive a sure payment of 375, which is preferable to the expected payoff at the nonconvergent point.