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Synonyms for noncontroversial

not likely to arouse controversy

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He further said that he remained unbiased and noncontroversial during the elections.
Teamster's negotiating committee co-chair Gordon Sweeton released a statement and said the two sides had found common ground on noncontroversial issues.
Murray said the noncontroversial bill had been blocked by an unnamed Senate Republican.
The government should be the place for debating tough issues; the routine and noncontroversial type of administrative business is what should be out of sight.
He also said the repealer bills were supposed to address noncontroversial matters, while this issue has been hotly debated.
With such political clout behind the measure, the wheels were greased for swift and noncontroversial passage.
By then, this was a very familiar, noncontroversial bill in lawmakers' eyes.
These noncontroversial cells come from bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, and other tissues.
These are the hard facts of this case, and I am sorry that what I am writing will upset many, but I would rather inform expatriate parents than be noncontroversial.
Though there was some criticism about the amount of government spending in the measure, the CLF provision, which was backed by the NCUA, CUNA and NAFCU, was noncontroversial.
Admittedly, many of Obama's early actions have been noncontroversial, and ones that did not receive a great deal of continuing news coverage.
He has been instructed to compile a noncontroversial guest list, to cut out risque jokes, and not to turn his back even for a second on the Four Poofs at the piano.
Intended for noncontroversial rules that are expected to receive no significant comments in a notice-and-comment rulemaking, the FDA has often used direct final rulemaking for the opposite: regulations that may be expected to be controversial.
I would also add that the fact we are noncontroversial allows our magazine to reach a broad depth of readers rather than if quote, unquote, we were politically diverse.
Statistics relating to US voters will lead analysts to a clear noncontroversial conclusion.