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Synonyms for noncontinuous

not continuing without interruption in time or space

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6) Noncontinuous Rastrigin function (value space:[[-5.
B: Dug/bored well in a shallow unconsolidated aquifer that has noncontinuous casing.
In addition to the six articles noted previously, a meta-analysis using electronic databases compared fall rates after major lower-extremity orthopedic surgery when patients received a continuous lumbar plexus blockade, noncontinuous blockade, or no blockade (Johnson, Kopp, Hebl, Erwin, & Mantilla, 2013).
Conversely, the Fifth Circuit incorrectly applied the second guideline, regarding how Congress must have certainly intended the nature of the crime to be noncontinuous because the offense did not create an ongoing threat to society each day it persisted.
Jungck, "Common fixed points for noncontinuous nonself maps on nonmetric spaces," Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences, vol.
The elasticity in (6) is only valid for continuous variables such as traffic volume, lane width, and length and not for noncontinuous variables such as dummy variables taking on zero value or one value.
On these two sections which were by definition noncontinuous, a single point was subtracted for an area of early ischemic change such as focal swelling or parenchymal hypoattenuation for each of the defined regions.
Critchlow and Brewis (34) observed a noncontinuous surface layer on the aluminum surface after overtreatment with the Cr-based pretreatment chemical.
The various parameters studied during observation period were compared using [chi square]-test for noncontinuous variables.
appropriate noncontinuous monitoring system, as well as various tasks
But the great hurdle is high cost and noncontinuous supply of vegetable oil.
Linear regression focuses on continuous dependent variables, while other regression models such as logistic and log-linear regression consider noncontinuous dependent variables such as binary and count outcomes.
For the same reason, we excluded beneficiaries with noncontinuous coverage for Medicare Part A and B.
To assess if the exclusion of "Don't know" respondents influenced our findings, we conducted additional analyses with all respondents using dummy coding, a statistical technique that allows noncontinuous variables to be entered into linear regressions.
When isolated pages are mentioned, noncontinuous, they separated by means of one comma.