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At JCP Solicitors, team head Paul Shuttleworth has a strong reputation in the local market and acts on behalf of both employers and employees across a broad spectrum of contentious and noncontentious issues, including TUPE matters (such as second generation contracting out and insourcing) and complex disability claims.
355) Nevertheless, and perhaps because his efforts at distinguishing other noncontentious proceedings did not prove persuasive, his opposition to a federal judicial role in administrative subpoena enforcement did not take hold.
Indirectly, by determining the place of the inheritance opening, the inheritance opening date determines also the notary competent in noncontentious succesional procedure, under art.
This collection represents an attempt to move beyond the uncritical acceptance of the concepts of 'race' and 'race relations' within Canadian criminological literature to 'render primary, contentious and problematic notions which are often treated as secondary, noncontentious and unproblematic'.
Moreover, we recognize the notion of "true truth'--if understood as a sense of reality shared within a community--to be the foundation of noncontentious human relationships.
123) In the Netherlands, court-approved settlements and other judgments rendered in noncontentious proceedings lack preclusive effect, although they are contractually binding,t24 In Spain, too, when the court approves a settlement, making no independent ruling on the merits, its order has no substantive preclusive effects.
Policy analysts have proposed compensation for potentially avoidable events (PAEs) through a fast, noncontentious administrative process (Barringer et al.
NATO in particular can play a role in this regard in developing partner capacity to combat piracy, and it is expected to do so within the framework of the Contact Group on Piracy Off the Coast of Somalia, in a low-cost and noncontentious way.
This can be compounded in the middle ranks (in the management chain) where the manager may re-interpret any communication to suit both the person above and the person below in order to maintain a noncontentious working relationship with both.
Cameroon's noncontentious, low-profile approach to foreign relations puts it squarely in the middle of other African and developing states on major issues.
The MWMC model has worked for wastewater processing for several unique reasons that won't translate well to fire and ambulance services; specifically, wastewater treatment has been largely noncontentious and nonpolitical with a clear separation of duties between the two cities.
Under the current training contracts, trainees serve two years in a solicitor's firm or other legal environment, working on a mix of contentious and noncontentious work.
Indeed, I think these things abundantly suffice for noncontentious persons.
In our view, the inclusion of LGDPPC in the M vector is the only noncontentious inclusion as a regressor.