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not conforming to established customs or doctrines especially in religion

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The first time I had to deal with a nonconforming item was as an administrative contracting officer (ACO) of a major Army acquisition weapon system.
Youth who responded as being GNC were categorized as either most conforming, moderately nonconforming, or most noncomforming.
As it can be difficult to predict the trajectory of gender identity from childhood to adolescence, the approach to the prepubertal and pubertal gender nonconforming patient is different.
Procurement Execution of Connection to the Mains Objectives: Urban Warehouse Waste Nonconforming Pascani - Dry Valley and Inconsistent Urban Waste Repository Harlau, Iasi County From Project ,, Integrated Waste Management System in Iasi County.
Action is taken against the nonconforming use of houses in light of the given rules.
The collective results suggest that people attribute higher status and competence to individuals who are nonconforming (rather than conforming) in prestigious contexts with expected norms of formal conduct.
Robert Bennett's (R-Utah) amendment to an emergency supplemental appropriations bill that would have allowed reconstruction of nonconforming billboards destroyed by natural disasters in 13 southern states.
Aran said a state law that allows businesses to retain nonconforming signs when the terrain interferes with their visibility often goes unheeded by cities.
recognized the harmful impact that nonconforming uses have on zoning
Overture's Mozart AUS equips lenders with advanced pricing, product selection and underwriting tools to automatically evaluate, optimize, price and underwrite conforming and nonconforming loans.
The main aim of this paper is to study the convergence of the well-known nonconforming rotated [Q.
Other presentations included a look at planning and zoning board membership and functions, the municipal master plan, zoning ordinances, nonconforming uses, vested rights, litigation and the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act.
4) Accordingly, an understanding of the status of Florida law on nonconforming uses and structures will become of critical import to property owners and developers as local governments plan for redevelopment.
which makes custom downstream finishing equipment for profiles, says its new system automatically ejects nonconforming parts into a reject container, while acceptable parts go directly into shipping containers.
11) In response to this conundrum, a land-use doctrine evolved over the past half century to deal with the issue of nonconforming uses.