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Synonyms for nonconducting

not able to conduct heat or electricity or sound

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35,36) Capek and colleagues (37) reported better long-term results with neuroma resection and grafting, as compared to neurolysis alone in the setting of conducting and nonconducting neuromas, despite an initial down-grading following resection.
The sensors of hot-film anemometers are fabricated by depositing a thin film of conducting metal (usually platinum or alumina) over the surface of a firm nonconducting substrate (usually quartz).
Each coupon was oriented so that water flowed from the back of the coupon, where it was attached to a nonconducting coupon holder.
Other elements, such as bone and adipose tissue, are essentially nonconducting.
Nonconducting temperature probes, independent of the RF electrode, were placed at the peripheral and deep margins of tumors in order to achieve real-time temperature monitoring of the ablation zone, he explained, adding that all ablations were continued until the probe temperatures reached 60[degrees] C.
TTU researchers addressed this problem by manipulating the process to include a nonconducting material like cotton.
The KFM, basically an electroscope, is made from an aluminum can, aluminum foil, and nonconducting threads.
This novel instrument gives a performance far in excess of an ordinary optical microscope, requires no special sample preparation for hydrated, oily or nonconducting samples, and is as easy to use as a digital camera.
The concept calls for the atomisation of an inert, nonconducting, non-corrosive liquid, which, by the way, boils at room temperature, and spraying this fine mist directly onto the processors and printed circuits to lower their temperature in a heat transfer that turns the liquid to a gas.
These particles consist of a nonconducting core (for example, silicon) surrounded by a metal shell of varying thickness.
The spatial resolution of ESCA is not as good as Auger, but it can be used with nonconducting surfaces, which opens up many more applications.
The PWBs, while very complex in this application, are essentially the easily recognized nonconducting fiberglass boards overlaid with conducting traces found in most electronic devices.
Because MIT Scan-2 operates on an electromagnetic field, the presence or absence of nonconducting material does not affect the results.
To make the sensors, the researchers coat a piece of glass with a layer of nonconducting, precursor polymer and then pass the fine tip of an atomic force microscope (AFM) over the material's surface.
Sandwiching a piece of nonconducting plastic (called a dielectric) between two metallic conducting plates makes a capacitor.