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not connected with or engaged in commercial enterprises


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21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Even though most of the focus in the foodservice industry is on major restaurant chains, the noncommercial sector is also a thriving realm for foodservice.
The House of Representatives is slated to vote Tuesday on the Noncommercial Broadcasting Freedom of Expression Act (H.
1, 2004 to the middle of February, the Commitments of Traders (report to the CFTC) for noncommercials almost exceeded 50% of all open interest?
We are seeking individuals with significant Internet leadership experience within the nonprofit, nongovernmental organization (NGO) and domain name arenas who represent the broad and geographically diverse spectrum of the global noncommercial community.
The most startling aspect of the RIAA's proposal is that it is not aimed at 'Internet pirates', but at noncommercial practices that millions of Americans engage in within their homes.
LookSmart (Nasdaq: LOOK; Australia: LOK), the global leader in Web search directories, today announced the integration of Zeal's community-based directory, enabling members of the community to contribute high-quality, noncommercial content into the LookSmart directory.
Through its National Digital Library (NDL) Program, it is also one of the leading providers of noncommercial intellectual content on the Internet (www.
announced today that a special updated version of the popular Academic Standards and Assessment System, or ASAS, will be available for free downloading by schools and districts for noncommercial educational use.
The Digital Library is available only to United States-based non-profit institutions for noncommercial educational and scholarly purposes, with international availability in the near future.
As part of the accord, Cox has agreed to carry stations' digital signals, including high definition programming and noncommercial multicast programming.
Supreme Court has struck down laws compelling political speech, corporations could claim that compelled disclosure of noncommercial information is unconstitutional.
PIR is committed to meeting the unique needs and interests of the noncommercial Internet community around the world.