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a member of the armed forces who does not participate in combat (e

used of civilians in time of war

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member of armed forces whose duties do not include fighting as e

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As such, he hopes that soldiers educated in virtuous consequentialism will condemn torture, pay special heed to the principle of noncombatant immunity, and make every effort to allay the suffering that accompanies modern warfare, yet still wage war effectively.
Gross defines blackmail on page six as consisting of "tactics that intentionally or unintentionally harm, or threaten to harm, noncombatants.
In addition, behaviors like yelling at non-combatants, destroying property, and hitting or kicking a noncombatant were more common among soldiers who had handled dead bodies or human remains, according to the report.
However, the realistic operational skill sets--weapons retention while controlling a noncombatant or captured combatant, nonlethal techniques in crowd control, and traffic control point procedures for removing unwilling passengers from their vehicles--are not addressed.
Hence in A Red Death Easy recalls his voluntary combat duty with General Patton's forces at a time when blacks in nonsegregated units were officially restricted to noncombatant status.
This edited volume of essays provides an important set of historical case studies about noncombatant victims of war.
The Cape Texas is one of the 72 civilian-crewed, noncombatant ships in the Ready Reserve Force that the U.
From the beginning, bombing in Vietnam was curtailed to minimize noncombatant casualties even though the military often objected to these restraints, e.
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) on Thursday accepted the government's proposal to extend Japan's noncombatant support for the U.
lists seven principles of just war: legitimate authority, just cause, proportionality and the recourse to war, last resort, proportionality and the conduct of war, noncombatant immunity, and peacemaking.
She will also aid in the support of the Noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEO) Tracking System (NTS) and the Automated Repatriation Reporting System (ARRS) program.
An example of direct causation is the killing of a noncombatant by an explosion intended to kill only enemy combatants.
One final perspective offered by the Lebanon adventure of 2006: A civilized society that wishes to live up to that designation must restore basic respect for the just-war principle of noncombatant immunity and make public commitments to the same.
In virtually every instance of noncombatant abuse by U.
This is a step beyond the usual principle of "selective refusal," whereby refuseniks agree to be delegated to other noncombatant duties unconnected with the occupation.