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not aggressive

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But those carefully selected nonaggressive children averaged a mean behavior every three minutes!
Summary: A four-legged security guard greeted attendees Sunday at the entrance to WoofFest, making sure the guests were friendly and nonaggressive toward others.
"Through this research we will also be looking at the sugar groups to see whether they can be used as a potential marker to diagnose prostate cancer and distinguish between aggressive and nonaggressive forms of the disease.
Patient 1 was a 73-year-old male patient with the tumor being diagnosed as T2 stage (control); patient 2 was an 85-year-old male patient--the tumor was T3 stage (nonaggressive phenotype); patient 3 was a 67-years-old male patient--the tumor was T2 stage as well (aggressive phenotype).
These radiographic findings were consistent with a nonaggressive mandibular bone deformity (benign neoplasia) and/or mineralized mass (dystrophic calcification) of the rostral aspect of the mandible.
Aggressive and nonaggressive children's perceptions of parental acceptance-rejection and control [dissertation].
Jonathan Sterne has labeled the phenomenon "nonaggressive music deterrent," (3) terminology perhaps intended to soften the negative impact, although professional musicians will find the term "deterrent" applied to music particularly odious.
The aggressive drivers were recognized with acceleration and deceleration higher than nonaggressive drivers.
Based on the clinical behavior CGCG can be of either an aggressive or a nonaggressive variant.
The findings could aid in deciding when patients would be appropriate candidates for active surveillance (aka watchful waiting), an option for those with nonaggressive disease.
Unfortunately, there is no reproducible way to differentiate aggressivefrom nonaggressive subtypes.
New for the second edition Dunn examines nonaggressive and aggressive interior firefighting attacks, discusses risk intensity and risk frequency as well as the NIST five-stage time and temperature fire growth curve.
He defines militarization as the nonaggressive use of "space-based systems to collect, gather, and disseminate photographic intelligence, communications data, weather data, signals intelligence, and strategic reconnaissance" (5).
In older men with early nonaggressive cancer, active surveillance--where the cancer's progression is regularly monitored with blood tests, rectal exams, and biopsies--is a reasonable option.
These small, nonaggressive cancers are common in people who display no symptoms during their lifetime and who die from causes other than thyroid cancer.