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a policy of not initiating hostilities

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According to the more "aggressive" intelligence view: "Baghdad sought and obtained a nonaggression agreement or made limited offers of cooperation, training, or even safe haven (ultimately uncorroborated or withdrawn) in an effort to manipulate, penetrate or otherwise keep tabs on al-Qaeda or selected operatives.
And if there's 'credible information indicating Iraq and Al Qaeda have discussed safe haven and reciprocal nonaggression,' things like 'safe haven' and 'nonaggression' sound pretty different than active cooperation.
Fisk publicly recommended from Washington, while CAFTA negotiations were going on in Honduras, that the countries sign a nonaggression pact and undertake a profound reform of their armies.
It was an afternoon of huge Afros, glazed smiles, dancing in the aisles and on the Coliseum's field, white bell-bottoms and a pervasive sense of optimism and nonaggression so palpable it evokes nostalgia for more civil times even if the viewer is too young to have experienced any of it first-hand.
US officials did not reveal the North's proposal, but South Korea's JoongAng Ilbo newspaper, quoting unidentified diplomatic sources, reported yesterday that North Korea proposed to give up its nuclear programmes in return for a nonaggression treaty and normalisation in 'political and economic relations with the United States'.
He repeated the North's stand that the nuclear issue can be resolved if the United States agrees to a nonaggression treaty.
In one equilibrium, I have nonaggression, where the prey builds up a sufficiently large amount of defense that completely deters the predation of the predator.
Presumably, the ideal of community gains traction because we can identify those individuals who fall outside that community and who are therefore owed only a duty of nonaggression, but not a duty of support, or at least not of equal support.
The encounter between the wise druid and the king resulted in a nonaggression pact and the settlement of the Celts at the border of the Hellada, but also in a long-standing and sincere friendship marked by deep mutual respect.
When Schapiro and his wife, the physician Lillian Milgram, arrived in Europe, they saw ominous signs of preparation for war everywhere they looked; the news of the nonaggression pact between Hitler and Stalin seemed to remove the last restraint on Germany's aggressive designs.
Stalin decided to protect himself by coming to an accommodation with Hitler, and on August 23, Germany and the Soviet Union signed a nonaggression pact.
The signing in August of a nonaggression pact between Russia and Germany cleared the path to war between Germany and the other European powers.
Knowing this, Democratic leaders in late August helped the trial lawyers devise what future historians of tobacco liability might call the legislative equivalent of the Nazi-Soviet nonaggression pact: a separate peace with California municipalities.
MANILA -- By: building an airstrip on Mabini Reef (Johnson South Reef) in the West Philippine Sea, China is violating a nonaggression pact it signed with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) in 2002, President Aquino said on Monday.