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not of legal age

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Because initial analyses suggested different cost patterns for the aged (65+) and the nonaged (younger than 65) beneficiaries, all cost functions were stratified by age and estimated separately for each age group.
Caption: Figure 10: SEM photographs of adhesion fracture surface of polyketone/NR composites; (a) primer untreated and nonaged, (b) primer treated and nonaged, and (c) primer treated and thermal aged at 105[degrees]C, (d) 125[degrees]C, and (e) 180[degrees]C.
MWP panels were not significantly different from WP panels for nonaged IB strength, but MWP panels were significantly better than WP panels for aged IB and dimensional stability.
Expenditure on and Participation in Cash or Near-Cash Safety Net Programs, 2009, and Children Removed from Poverty, by Program, 2009 (a) Total benefit payments (millions Program Thousands of dollars) Cash welfare (TANF) (b) (cases) 1,796 9,324 Food stamps (cases) 15,232 50,360 EITC (c) (tax filing units) 24,757 50,669 Cash welfare (SSI, nonaged caseload) 6,407 41,023 Unemployment compensation (persons) Regular state benefits n.
Nonaged and aged original Navigator papers have the same reflectance spectra.
The siding is aged rapidly so that it may be compared to nonaged samples to determine whether the repair material would crack or separate from the vinyl siding.
8 percent of all nonaged families had no children, and 11.
Radner, "Money Incomes of Aged and Nonaged Family Units, 1967-1984," Social Security Bulletin, August 1987, pp.