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Synonyms for nonage

the state or period of being under legal age

Synonyms for nonage

any age prior to the legal age


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All of this represents an unwinding of the Enlightenment, an unsettling of the bounds between our rulers and us, a throttling of the idea that individuals can survive, and in fact thrive, without guardians, without nudgers, without the yoke of nonage.
16) However, precisely where those flowers grow becomes a point of trouble; Mabbe suggests that the flowers are gathered "from out of those pleasant Gardens, which were long since planted by the art and industrie of those reverend Fathers, whom God raised up for Guardians to his Church, during hir nonage and minoritie" ("To the Reader").
He rejected a recent Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) report that the card recipients included nonage boys.
Most of the time rehabilitation in old person is usually not accepted but our study try to show that the rehabilitees process it is nonage depending.
228, 240-43 (2005) (construing a parallel provision in the Age Discrimination in Employment Act to create a defense against disparate impact claims where the nonage factor is reasonable).
See Garnett and Nonage, above n 5; Richard Garnett and Luke Nonage, 'What Law (If Any) Now Applies to International Commercial Arbitration in Australia?
Artista de lenta decantacion, no menos curioso resulta que un creador de su envergadura haya hecho su primer viaje a Europa hasta los 87 anos de edad, y uno despues, ya casi nonage nario, al Medio Oriente, Chucho Reyes compartio con mucha gente sus observaciones esteticas, y quiza muchos de los nuevos planteamientos de la arquitectura, a decoracion y la pintura mexicana tuvieron cabida dentro del cosmos que contuvo e talento visionario de un artista tan singular como influyente en el curso del arte mexicano del siglo XX.
By exclusively concentrating on newly created jobs, hiring subsides have the potential to be more cost-effective than reductions in nonage labour costs applying to continuing workers, particularly when they are conditional on raising net employment, as done in Portugal through the marginal employment subsidies (OECD, 2009a).
Age fixed effects were used to control for age, and the coefficients on all nonage controls were used to predict (out of sample) the likelihood of serious injury for passengers aged 2-6 yr based on their characteristics, such as crash angle, seat location.
the allegedly 'otherwise prohibited' activity is not based on age," it is "in cases involving disparate-impact claims that the RFOA provision plays its principal role by precluding liability if the adverse impact was attributable to a nonage factor that was 'reasonable.
Thus, scarcity is an irrational reaction rooted in a nonage of balanced spiritual development
Your retirement is as blessed in one life as your childhood is in the other; your nonage is as blighted in one life as your dotage is in the other.
Thus, while the plaintiffs bar may have viewed this omission as tacit approval for attacking facially-neutral, nonage motivated employer practices on a disparate-impact basis, the majority of the bench viewed the omission to imply that the disparate-impact theory was inconsistent with the purpose of the ADEA.
Similarly, childhood is not a pre-scripted state of misconception in Blake's cosmic drama, but a contested site for adult versions of reality, as well as a state of nonage from which adolescents gradually emancipate themselves to develop their own powers of enchantment.