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Synonyms for nonage

the state or period of being under legal age

Synonyms for nonage

any age prior to the legal age


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Some fraction of the increased accuracy of EPTS relative to age alone could therefore be due to the more nuanced way in which EPTS takes account of age, as opposed to exclusively the nonage factors it encompasses.
Age fixed effects were used to control for age, and the coefficients on all nonage controls were used to predict (out of sample) the likelihood of serious injury for passengers aged 2-6 yr based on their characteristics, such as crash angle, seat location.
the allegedly 'otherwise prohibited' activity is not based on age," it is "in cases involving disparate-impact claims that the RFOA provision plays its principal role by precluding liability if the adverse impact was attributable to a nonage factor that was 'reasonable.
Thus, scarcity is an irrational reaction rooted in a nonage of balanced spiritual development
Your retirement is as blessed in one life as your childhood is in the other; your nonage is as blighted in one life as your dotage is in the other.
Thus, while the plaintiffs bar may have viewed this omission as tacit approval for attacking facially-neutral, nonage motivated employer practices on a disparate-impact basis, the majority of the bench viewed the omission to imply that the disparate-impact theory was inconsistent with the purpose of the ADEA.
Society has had absolute power over them during all the early portion of their existence; it has had the whole period of childhood and nonage in which to try whether it could make them capable of rational conduct in life.
40) In other words, can the discrimination be explained by a nonage factor that was reasonable?
By the stripling in his nonage enamoured by her wiles