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(of a trait or condition) failing to serve an adjustive purpose

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If these processes were race-blind, we would expect to see a distribution of each roughly in proportion to the composition of the United States population (unless there were free choices or nonadaptive preferences pushing more people from certain racial or ethnic groups into drug dealing, which is unlikely).
We devised a d = 1 nonadaptive scheme called StairCase (SC) for which each pool was fully used up to a given [R.
This illustrates why it is not useful to categorize certain coping strategies as always adaptive or nonadaptive.
In this paper, we categorized OS-ELM and CEOS-ELM as nonadaptive sequential ELM.
The red pilot was a nonadaptive doctrine-driven CGF set at Expert level.
It remains unclear whether the production of multiples is an adaptive response to normal environmental fluctuations or a nonadaptive developmental phenotype induced by physiological stressors.
However, they often require fewer noisy observations to recover sparse signals than nonadaptive competitors in practice.
Furthermore, the nonadaptive aspects of overinvolvement and egoistic caregiving are known to be associated with depression and somatic disorders (Farinelli & Guerrero, 2011).
If output based control and reward systems are carried out although the undertaking does not exhibit the conditions for production control, nonadaptive consequences may occur.
Thus, the following references were analyzed: DSM-5 (APA, 2013) facets of the Personality Inventory for DSM-5--PID-5 (Krueger, Dellinger, Markon, Watson, & Skodol, 2012), the dimensions of the Shedler-Westen Assessment Procedure--SWAP-200 (Shedler, & Westen, 2004) and the Clark model (1990) that supports the Schedule for Nonadaptive Personality (SNAP).
Both adaptive methods significantly outperform the nonadaptive approaches, with the constrained adaptive method performing best of all.
Adaptive versus nonadaptive explanations of behavior: the case of alloparental helping.
Em contrapartida, considerou-se publicacoes recentes, contemplando caracteristicas e criterios diagnosticos nao considerados na versao original da dimensao, sendo, proposta (secao 3) para a quinta edicao do DSM, o DSM-5 (APA, 2013), bem como as dimensoes componentes do Personality Inventory for DSM-5 [PID-5] (Krueger; Derringer, Markon, Watson & Skodol, 2011); as dimensoes avaliadas pelo Shedler-Wes ten Assessment Procedure [SWAP] (Shedler & Westen, 2004); e as dimensoes propostas por Anna Clark (1990), que dao base para o Schedule for Nonadaptive Personality [SNAP].
Such nonadaptive evolution could escape adaptive peaks, disrupt genetic stasis, restructure the genome, and increase genetic innovation and diversification.
Failure to suspend conspecific aggression during mobbing could result from nonadaptive failure to contextualize interactions or could be adaptive if conspecifics represent a strong threat in these situations.