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the act of refusing an offer


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To address this question and to update the knowledge concerning liver graft utilization and reasons for nonacceptance in the Eurotransplant region [25], we here analyzed all grafts offered to our high-volume center from 2010 to 2016 with regard to allocation, i.e., acceptance, nonacceptance, or discarded organs, with a special focus on grafts with steatosis hepatis.
Perception of HW (F) on Reasons for Nonacceptance of Different Contraceptive Measures by the Eligible Couples Methods Reasons for Non Acceptance OCP Headache (41%), weight gain (27%) IUD Bleeding PV (58%), backache (33%) Condom Failure (44%), dissatisfaction (39%) Vasectomy Weakness/loss of health (47%) Tubectomy Failure (19%) Table III.
This is all despite the fact that such a world view is not a necessary condition of the practice of any of those sciences, and its acceptance or nonacceptance would have no effect on most scientific research.
Four risk factors were also identified that did not fit into the aforementioned categories: baseline depression symptoms, melancholy index, crying, and nonacceptance of disability.
The apparent normality and cooperation on an equal footing before 1989 was replaced by the nonacceptance of scholarly work produced in the GDR (cf.
The six different subscales are Nonacceptance of Emotional Responses, Difficulties Engaging in Goal-Directed Behavior, Impulse Control Difficulties, Lack of Emotional Awareness, Limited Access to Emotion Regulation Strategies, and Lack of Emotional Clarity.
Coverage surveys can help verify administrative data and provide helpful insights into the reasons for vaccine acceptance or nonacceptance and the effectiveness of social mobilization activities.
Various studies undertaken in Ethiopia have shown different factors that contributed to nonacceptance of voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) services; among these factors are lack of perception of being at risk, no consideration given for VCT services, fear of HIV positive results, and fear of stigma and discrimination.
Rats tend to be active at the acceptance stage (prooestrus and oestrus), and their oestrous behaviours abate or disappear at the nonacceptance stage (postoestrus and anoestrus).
Already living with autism in a defensive mode because of the cultural environment of nonacceptance and stigmatization, these families then demonstrated the depths of their cultural expectations to defer to their hierarchical role of passively receiving treatment and direction from the "qualified professional." Participants did not see themselves as relevant "experts" and felt unqualified to be collaborating partners.
(4) Finally, it considers briefly the significant Christological consequences of the acceptance (or nonacceptance) of the traditional affirmation of divine simplicity.
That is what distinguishes discrimination against gender or sexual orientation or race, from nonacceptance of practices that subjugate women or call for harming others.
The most common reason for nonacceptance was patient not returning for follow-up visit to initiate recommendation.
Acceptance (or nonacceptance in some cases) by other states is a form of soft intervention that affects the credibility of the underlying negotiating process.
The most evident reasons are nonacceptance of their handicap and depression, lowquality products, social support weaknesses in the individual's environment, architectural barriers, and factors related to rehabilitation (intervention), such as inappropriate instruction and training for product acquisition (Wessels, Dijcks, Soede, Gelderbom, & De Witte, 2003).