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not capable of absorbing or soaking up (liquids)

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Nonabsorbent litter is available in pet stores or from your veterinarian, or you can use any clean, nonabsorbent material, such as beads, plastic straws, or a plastic bag cut into small pieces.
In nature, one might expect that snails come in contact with substrates of many different surface properties--from relatively smooth, nonporous, and nonabsorbent (e.g., living plant leaves) to more rough, porous, and absorbent (soil, rock, wood, and dead leaves).
Those moisture-absorbent fibers work against the wicking design of the boots, which, surprisingly, are best worn with bare feet, or at most with nonabsorbent polypropylene socks.
Pallets constructed of plastic are nonabsorbent, which dramatically reduces the risk of pallet contamination with salmonella, E.
This nonabsorbent material is odor resistant and does not promote the growth of mildew, fungus, or bacteria.
Made with highly breathable, wicking, lightweight, and nonabsorbent polar fleece, the 250 gram Fleece Jacket provides a thick insulating barrier that retains body heat while still allowing air to circulate.
The nonabsorbent material also will resist ozone, hydrolysis and ultraviolet exposure.
I can still feel resentful because my best friend had piano lessons when all I could practise my musical aspirations on was a comb and piece of Izal toilet paper (remember that shiny nonabsorbent stuff before Andrex was invented?).
The system, which was launched in March, includes a cat box with a perforated base, a bag of nonabsorbent particulate substrate pellets, and a four-pack of absorbent pads.
The coatings were coated on a nonabsorbent substrate (Mylar, DuPont) and an absorbent substrate (brochure paper, Hewlett Packard) using a bench rod drawn-down coater.
Handle materials should be virtually impervious to salts and solvents, and as nonabsorbent as possible.
The soft, nonabsorbent applicator band allows for easy application of products to the entire back and body.
It is important to be able to mix colors on a palette or nonabsorbent piece of plastic.
Another advantage of nonporous silicone kitchen tools is that they do not stain or deteriorate upon contact with heat or food and since silicone is nonabsorbent, products made using silicone are more hygienic than those made with other substances.
The Posey Company's Bead Filled Positioning Products offer positioning support and comfort with a breathable vinyl-mesh outer shell filled with nonabsorbent polystyrene beads.