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The number of non-zero elements in the Ith row on the right of diagonal is recorded in the array of NZU (I);
For the i-th element of quantized DC and non-zero AC coefficient [Q.
where a, b [member of] R and A is a non-zero 1-form such that
In both of the references, the authors found that for nonparallel propagation, the gravitational attraction between photons is non-zero.
Assume that (B, +, *) be Boolean- near-ring having a proper subset A is an associate ring in which the relation of compatibility is transitive for non-zero elements.
Fiber can work as positive non-zero dispersion flattened fiber, negative non-zero dispersion flattened fiber and near-zero dispersion fiber in the wide band of wavelengths.
More than two-thirds of banks with at least $10 million in multifamily loans and a non-zero default rate in the third quarter reported a lower multifamily default rate in the fourth quarter, compared with 59.
The probability of a rate hike and the probability of a further rate cut are non-zero but small," Subbarao told Bloomberg UTV .
Non-zero eccentricity makes the figure-8 asymmetric.
Let c denote a non-zero constant, p(z) a non-zero polynomial, and [GAMMA](z) the Gamma function.
Sovereignty, Human Rights and China's National Interest: A Non-Zero Sum Game
For Stendahl the dangers, indeed the evils, of supersessionist or non-zero claims have been illustrated most blatantly and horrendously in the relations of Christians to Jews.
Because individuals or groups (sites) with the most to gain from a specific practice (mediator) may be more likely to comply with treatment assignment, there is good reason to worry that compliance-effect covariances are non-zero in many cases.
A well known result of Posner (19) states that for a non-zero derivation d of a prime ring R, if [[d(x), x], y] = 0 for all x, y [member of] R, then R is commutative.