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having skin rich in melanin pigments

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Canada's racial formation has operated differently, theorized as a white and non-white binary (Bannerji 2000; Mackey 2002), and it is through this binary that the racial gaze reads bodies.
The results indicated that in most areas, lower-income non-whites are more exposed than higher-income whites.
47) If the plaintiff can meet those three tests, a majority non-white district (48) is created to allow the affected minority community to elect a candidate of its choosing.
The percentage of non-white residents, defined as members of all groups other than non-Hispanic white, is related to racial/ ethnic residential segregation but could independently contribute to the aggregate area-level demand for safety net services.
3) The number of non-white births in 1991 was--the number of nonwhite births in 1986.
However, here Winter ignores that deep divisions exist between Whites and non-White racialized groups in Quebec, as is evident through the ongoing debates around pluralism, multiculturalism, and interculturalism in that context.
Is the profession capable of catering for the cultural development of the city's non-white schoolchildren, which is so necessary for their development as individuals.
According to the Canadian Employment Equity Act, visible minorities are "persons, other than Aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour.
Using the theory of culturally relevant pedagogy as a lens, this study employed mixed methods, analyzing teacher journaling, classroom artifacts, and student reflections, as well as survey and interview data from the non-White students.
If the American theatre truly seeks to be more representative of America's non-white population, we must first nurture and produce works by non-white playwrights.
The study, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), found that those from non-white backgrounds were significantly less likely to perform well compared to whites.
He refused to chastise alleged non-white perpetrators only on the basis of accusations, as was customary.
BRITISH National Party leader Nick Griffin said yesterday he expected to welcome the party's first non-white member soon as it voted to allow black and Asian people to join.
This instalment looks at the culture of whitening up among non-white races, especially in the far east, where people are turning to chemicals and surgery to look more western.
Welsh rugby legends Phil Bennett and JJ Williams tell how they ran to the sealed-off area holding non-white spectators to celebrate the Lions beating the Springboks in a Test series for the first time in history.