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not soluble in water

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But encouragingly, the researchers believe that their discovery will one day prove useful in enabling non-water-soluble drugs to enter cells and treat diseases such as cancer.
Water jet cutting is used on metals, composites, and even non-water-soluble foods like chicken parts.
of Florida College of Medicine) in the preface to this collection, "is a sub-discipline of metabolomics and is defined as the large-scale study of non-water-soluble metabolites (lipids and lipidome) that utilize system-level analysis to characterize lipids and their interacting moieties.
Because bile salts are amphipathic, they can bind the non-water-soluble material while staying in solution themselves.
This technology promotes the clear dissolution of non-water-soluble vitamins and natural functional ingredients in water, allowing food, beverage and nutritional supplement manufacturers to effectively add water-insoluble nutrients to liquid products without the typical cloudy effects.
BioCrystal will also allow Crystalplex to use non-water-soluble nanocrystals for encoding into Crystalplex's PlxBead products and its water-soluble nanocrystals products for sale with Crystalplex PlxBeads.
The sticking point is that when carrier molecules, called apoproteins, combine with non-water-soluble cholesterol (meaning it doesn't dissolve in blood), they form lipoproteins.