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Coogan, a social worker, psychotherapist, and lecturer in social work in Ireland, describes interventions for child-to-parent violence and abuse using non-violent resistance, meant to empower parents to change their relationship with their children and adapt their responses to their childAEs aggressive and violent behavior, without requiring direct engagement of the child.
Zimam activists handed out fliers on campus today, urging students to sign up and participate in the political process, forging a purely non-violent path that can bring about an end to occupation and the establishment of a Palestinian state.
Under previous legislation, individuals would have to wait fifteen years to have a non-violent offense expunged from their criminal recordmore than three times longer than most other states.
When the Tunisian revolutionaries won, similar non-violent demonstrations demanding democracy immediately broke out in half a dozen other Arab countries.
Candidates must meet several criteria, including having a high school diploma or GED, no more than one prior non-violent misdemeanor and no outstanding warrants.
Included in this category are (1) the political act of conservation of power, which can perpetuate psychological suffering and deprivation, (2) the use of extortion, threat, and blackmail--methods that are also, paradoxically, found in non-violent practices--to achieve a desired outcome, and (3) the instrumentalization of "Other," (i.
He has said that overly harsh prison sentences, particularly for non-violent drug crimes, are to blame for doubling the prison population in the past two decades.
He recalled that the Khudai Khidmatgar leadership and followers took part against the British Rule in a peaceful and non-violent way but the British Government took it the other way and opened fire and crushed them under their military vehicles.
Israel habitually uses extreme violence, especially against non-violent resistance, "stressing that, Abu Ein "was guilty of nothing more insidious than planting olive trees on Palestinian land that Israel was attempting to steal.
The Committee on the Welfare of Children of the House of Representatives last august approved House Bill 4907 (HB 4907) or "The Positive and Non-Violent Discipline of Children Act".
A NEW criminal offence of domestic abuse that covers non-violent behaviour is being put out to consultation by the Government.
They also take advantage of social media and YouTube to disseminate information about what's happening in Hebron, and how to use non-violent means to oppose it.
supported initiative that offers an alternative non-violent narrative to Nigerians through mass media and community-government engagement.
T S Pabla (Letters, June 3), states that vegetarians throughout history have been 'absolutely non-violent, and have never created any wars, crusades or jihads.
It violates fiscally conservative principles to lock people up for non-violent crimes.