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This kind of an association between non-standard speech and masculinity has been noted in other parts of the world as well.
(ed.), Non-standard Speech and the Teaching of English.
"The X-phemistic Value of Romani in Non-Standard Speech." In The Romani Element in Non-Standard Speech.
"Non-standard speech jumps off the page at you; delete 90 percent of the odd features of speech" and you still convey a subject's individuality.
Non-standard speech symbolized ignorance, illiteracy, impoliteness, and even immorality; accent became a highly charged marker of identity.
Another principle of editing developed from Edwin Drood is that since printers tend to normalize representation of non-standard speech, manuscript readings can again be preferred.
They speak only in English and acquire the prestige-marked non-standard speech of males on the frontier as indicated by Oscar's use of the word "pianny" in contrast to Alexandra's correct and lady-like pronunciation of "piano."(6) Thea Kronborg is mocked by Fred Ottenburg for her hyper-correct English speech.