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where slavery was prohibited

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If the demand comes, are we ready then to fight a war in the way the northern non-slave American states did?
It was especially sharp for slaveholders near borders of non-slave states.
I had never heard the true story of a slave who mailed himself in a box from Virginia [a slave state] to Pennsylvania [a non-slave state].
Uniformity clauses provided a way to protect slaveholders from paying higher taxes on slaves than on other forms of personal property; as non-slave states in the Midwest adopted uniformity clauses, they similarly limited the tax liability of large landowners.
In Washington meanwhile, Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts, a determined and vitriolic abolitionist, demanded the immediate admission of Kansas to the Union as a non-slave state.
In the 1850s, sectional differences were heightened by increasing debate over the moral implications of the institution of slavery, and federal government attempts to admit equal numbers of slave and non-slave states in its western expansion, to preserve the balance in Congress.
In the same way that French observers in St Domingue could not see the events of 1791 without reference to non-slave agitators, so too in Cuba were planters and statesmen unable to see their own slaves as architects of conspiracy or resistance.
In her autobiography, Recollections Grave and Gay, (4) Harrison discloses the incongruities of a non-slave owning environment immersed in a slave-owning state by rationalizing, "our servants were hired black people, good and faithful souls, but, thank Heaven
Wheeler makes a significant observation here: as "none of these narratives contemplates importing other beliefs or manners into British society, intermarriage with a non-slave population is neither a negative nor a threatening phenomenon.
To try to sell oneself, freely, into slavery is to try to make an autonomous choice that turns one from a non-slave into a slave.
But for those non-slave opponents a widespread controversy has raged.
Old Testament acceptance of slavery being the rule, non-slave states agreed in principle to return escaped slaves to their owners.
Not only masters but apparently most non-slave holding Southerners as well expressed similar beliefs, despite the practical outcome of innumerable court decisions and laws which ultimately enforced the dominance of market and racist values denying any real personhood to all blacks, slave or free.
First, there was never any doubt among slaves and non-slaves of the differences between slave and non-slave status and treatment, nor of the aspirations of the former to become the latter.
Two trace non-slave, labor-control measures applied to countrymen, at home and abroad) Paul Craven and Dennis Hay sketch their stunningly grand computerized analysis of master-and-servant legislation throughout the empire) and Nicholas Rogers shows how vagrancy laws and press gangs consolidated specific aspects of capitalist growth in England.