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a reformer who believes in passive resistance

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Conditioned medium was the supernatant medium of cultured non-resistant MCF-7 cells with about 80% confluency.
3-6) Additionally, non-resistant bacteria receive the new DNA and become resistant to drugs by a process known as gene transfer, which can occur across multiple microbial species.
While 5-FU dose-dependently reduced the proliferation of the non-resistant cell lines, curcumin alone decreased proliferation in all cell lines, showing the most significant effects in the lines that were not deficient in their DNA mismatch repair systems.
Will healthcare providers be able to use a non-resistant agent to reduce the chances of patients acquiring infection after a burn injury in the near future?
Stanley Popovich, in his book "A layman's guide to managing fear using psychology, Christianity and non resistant methods" does a decent job of helping the average person understand fear from a psychological and non-resistant methods perspective.
Consequently in the absence of antibiotics non-resistant bacteria will out-compete the resistant ones.
After planting the commody mix, Bowman sprayed this crop with Roundup herbicide to weed out the non-resistant plants.
Twenty Iranian hull-less barley varieties were analyzed for total, insoluble and soluble dietary fiber, and non-resistant starch and resistant starch were determined by using Megazyme assay kits (Megazyme International Ireland Ltd, Wicklow, Ireland) according to Approved Methods of the American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC, 2000).
And the problem is only accelerating, because the resistant weeds are driving out their non-resistant counterparts.
Patients with resistant forms of TB can need two years of treatment and spend months in isolation, compared with around six months of treatment for people with the a non-resistant form.
1-3,7,8) The small number that carry resistance survive, and in the continued presence of that particular antimicrobial, as the non-resistant organisms are killed, selective pressure changes the composition of the entire microbial population to predominately resistant.
Because the level of medication is higher than was needed in the initial approvals for 100 percent efficacy, it's possible that Interceptor may continue to be more effective against non-resistant strains of heartworms.
Comparative results between glyphosate-resistant and their respective non-resistant cultivars may be seen on Table 1.
Resistance emerges when antibiotics kill off non-resistant strains, leaving the field wide open for resistant strains to flourish by clonal expansion, say the authors.