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not having resin

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The total hydrocarbon emissions from fresh red alder are low, 0.2 pound per thousand board feet (lb/MBF) (0.085 g/kg), compared to non-resinous softwoods, which emit from 0.1 to 0.5 lb/MBF, and resinous softwoods, which might emit up to 1 to 3 lb/MBF.
US 6,737,444 B1: Dew Coming Corp., Midland, MI, patented a method to make an aqueous silicone resin containing emulsion by mixing a silicone resin blend, a non-resinous silicone polymer and an inversion assisting polymer to form a homogeneous oil phase; mixing one or more surfactants with the homogenous oil phase; adding water to the mixture to cause an inversion of the continuous phase and the dispersed phase, forming an oil-in-water emulsion; diluting the oil-in-water emulsion by adding more water and recovering an oil-in-water emulsion with silicone particles ranging 0.1-5 microns in size.
It is non-resinous and considered easy to work with hand or machine tools.
Mature trees yield a honey-colored wood uniform in texture and are non-resinous. The average weight for the tree is 32 pounds per cubic foot with a specific gravity of 0.51.
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