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not commercially motivated


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In response to media enquiries on former Chief Executive (CE) Mr C Y Leung's acceptance of appointments as director of two Hong Kong non-profit-making companies, viz Belt and Road Hong Kong Centre Company Limited and Bay Area Hong Kong Centre Company Limited, a Government spokesman gave the following reply today (October 4):
JMIS was acting in its capacity as trustee of non-profit-making organisation and it will retain the above shares purchased as trustee of the Jardine Foundation and bought as per the share repurchase guidelines agreed with the UK Listing Authority.
Applicants must be non-profit-making, established sports groups with a bank account.
If the service could be non-profit-making, it must be possible to reduce the parking fee.
The club, a non-profit-making group, trains on Mondays and Wednesdays between 6.
br/english, is run by non-profit-making body the Brazilian Information Service (SIC) and offers visitors data and information about Brazilian livestock and beef production.
The non-profit-making outlet operates like a bank and uses deposits made by customers to generate cash, which can finance loans for other charitable causes.
The successor company, Network Rail, will be a non-profit-making outfit.
The seminars, which are run on a non-profit-making basis, are designed to inform about the various aspects of owning racehorses, and are part of the BHB's quest to make ownership more accessible to the public.
EAC is a non-profit-making governmental corporation, well known to the Bank from previous lending operations totalling Euro 45 million for electricity distribution, as well as production at Dhekelia, near Larnaca.
But they are still likely to be condemned by critics, notably Richard Branson, who wants to run the lottery as a non-profit-making venture after Camelot's licence runs out in 2001.
A non-profit-making organisation, it pays weekly sums if the policy-holder is off work after an accident.
It was with this in mind that the Government sought the support of the Finance Committee to set up the MEF for supporting local non-profit-making organisations to host mega events in the arts, culture and sports fields.
The European Commission is to probe the legality of three-figure state subsidies given by France to a non-profit-making body engaged in energy research.
The Guisborough-based non-profit-making organisation was set up by animal lover Jean Barraclough to help find homes for unwanted and abandoned pets in July last year.
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