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And are we assured, after looking at the matter from many points of view, that absolute being is or may be absolutely known, but that the utterly non-existent is utterly unknown?
It was the practice of our venerable ancestors to apply that ingenious instrument the thumb-screw, and to tighten and tighten it in order to elicit non-existent facts; they had a fixed opinion to begin with, that the facts were existent, and what had they to do but to tighten the thumb-screw?
"Podkoleosin" [A character in Gogol's comedy, The Wedding.] was perhaps an exaggeration, but he was by no means a non-existent character; on the contrary, how many intelligent people, after hearing of this Podkoleosin from Gogol, immediately began to find that scores of their friends were exactly like him!
You have no conception of the strange contradictions and impossibilities which arise when all methods of measuring time, as we know them upon earth, are non-existent.
"Are you discussing the ideal man?" Ernest asked, "--unselfish and godlike, and so few in numbers as to be practically non-existent, or are you discussing the common and ordinary average man?"
I tell you it is so rare that you may call it non-existent. They are too passionate.
And hereby they made another shining reputation; many persons of their acquaintance becoming by anticipation dissatisfied with their own houses, and envious of the non-existent Lammle structure.
She submitted that a letter was issued to them in which the respondents have acted on mere conjectural and hypothetical basis while holding that some rivalry exists between two factions of the same sect, whereas such reason for rejection is altogether non-existent. 'Likewise, the factum of so-called allegations or being involved in anti-state activities through terrorist funding also does not exist.' She asserted that such serious allegations on the community of the petitioner are without any basis and non-existent as the community has neither factions nor sects whereas it is otherwise involved in religious activities.
We have a nice life but sex is non-existent. Over the past couple of years it's just dwindled to nothing and I don't even know how this happened.
We have a nice life, but sex is non-existent. Over the past couple of years it's just dwindled to nothing and I don't even know how this happened.
Dr Manteaw regretted that though budgets were approved, studies conducted by the PIAC showed there were several non-existent oil-funded projects in the country.
He dismissed the suspension saying Kihalangwa used a non-existent section of the Immigration Act.
Summary: Police across the UAE warned motorists about fog as visibility is almost "non-existent"
Summary: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Nov.16 (ANI): Union minister Giriraj Singh on Thursday raked up a controversy saying that the idea of nationalism is almost non-existent in Islam.