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fairness in treating people without prejudice

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Phoenix's non-discrimination ordinance has been in place since 1964 and was expanded in 2013 to protect people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, reported the Phoenix Arizona Republic.
This volume compares the approaches of the German and Dutch courts towards European Union and national non-discrimination laws on sex and sexuality, aiming to reveal national factors that influence the interpretations, application, and effectiveness of EU non-discrimination law and the harmonization process in general.
Municipality's employment policies, including transgender-inclusive insurance coverage, contracting non-discrimination requirements, and other policies relating to equal treatment of LGBT city employees
Numerous international and regional human rights treaties adopted after the Universal Declaration reproduce the UDHR's list virtually verbatim in their non-discrimination clauses, and therefore include "color" in addition to "race" among the prohibited grounds of discrimination.
Negarche", a brand roughly translated as an insulting word for some African people (in this case referring to a kid), are Bulgarian biscuits that have been manufactured for decades, some time before non-discrimination standards were established.
On this week's TribCast, Emily talks to Evan, Ross and Alexa about Houston's mayoral race, the defeat of the city's non-discrimination ordinance and an influential House chairman's reelection bid.
Highlighting efforts by OSCE institutions in promoting tolerance and non-discrimination, Zannier pointed in particular to the work of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, which has developed tools to promote dialogue about religious tolerance and non-discrimination.
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Ohio House Committee on Community and Family Advancement has voted in favor of Ohio Right to Life's Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act (H.
THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Non-discrimination Act (RHNDA), a District of Columbia law protecting employees' right to make reproductive health decisions--including abortion, contraception and in vitro fertilization--without fear of retaliation from their employers, went into effect May 2 after becoming the subject of national controversy, RHNDA was passed by the DC Council and signed into law by DC mayor Muriel Bowser in January, but like all District laws it was subject to congressional review.
With the Employment Non-Discrimination Act stalled in the House of Representatives, no federal law protects private employees against employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, The EO does not allow exemptions for religious entities beyond existing exemptions allowing religious organizations to consider an individual's religious beliefs when making certain employment decisions.
11 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court, by reversing the 2009 Delhi High Court ruling that decriminalized same-sex conduct between consenting adults, has failed to recognize everyone's internationally protected right to privacy and non-discrimination, HUman Rights Watch has said in a statement.
According to a study by experts commissioned by the EP's Committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE), all these databases, existing or in the planning stages - VIS, SIS (I and II), European PNR, EU TFTS, Eurosur, etc - represent, in addition to the question of costs, huge challenges in terms of protection of personal data as well as non-discrimination against foreigners on the basis of nationality or ethnic group.
of Essex, England) argues that the protection of the rights of disadvantaged minorities such as the Roma people requires the international recognition of a collective right to cultural identity and the special rights that would accompany such a recognition over and above recognized, but inadequate, individual rights of non-discrimination and equality.
Austerity measures and cutbacks in the budget of labour administrations and inspection services, and in funds available to specialized bodies dealing with non-discrimination and equality, can seriously compromise the ability of existing institutions to prevent the economic crisis from generating more discrimination and more inequalities", the report says.