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relating to or involving the search for abstract universal principles

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For the former of these namely Nomothetical Authority is (i) of two kinds, Natural or Civil, The Naturall Authority, Nomotheticall is again of two kinds /fol.
By Nature, (f) because the Child owes more of his being and Preservation to Almighty God, then he can possible owe (g) to his Parents, and therefore the Parental (h) Nomothetical Authority is naturaly subordinate to the Nomotheticall authority of Almighty God, and controleable by it.
And according to degrees of parentall Nomothetical authority such are the Degrees of the parental Executive Power limitted and restrain'd upon the same account that the nomotheticall parental Power is limited or abridged.
The nomothetical nature of the framework presented in Culture's Consequences was particularly relevant for the focus on interaction, where differences are what matter.
For a more nomothetical perspective examining the relationships between the variables of power and control over each of the structural conditions, the data for the 27 subunits were subjected to an across-subunit correlational analysis.