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relating to or involving the search for abstract universal principles

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3 Perceptual-motor task: Individual data (gray lines) and nomothetic data (black lines) on correct responses
The quest for nomothetic theories reflects the fact that the application of knowledge by policymakers and programmers requires consistent definitions of constructs, tools to measure the same construct across contexts, and the ability to draw conclusions across contexts about the nature of humans in relation to a particular construct or intervention.
Credibility was established through the identification of patterns and trends at the individual participant and sample levels (idiographic and nomothetic analysis) (Gelo, Braakmann, & Benetka, 2008).
Nomothetic versus idiographic: Scholars use nomothetic methods to generalize and seek association between factors.
Yet, while there has been a strong anti-interpretive movement in literary theory for several decades that shares the nomothetic thrust of cognitive narratology, (4) cognitivists seem keen to hold on to the idea that interpretation is central to their enterprise.
Resources, personal strivings, and subjective well-being: A nomothetic and idiographic approach.
The introduction of transdiagnostic dimensions would have allowed for a diagnostic system combining a nomothetic group-specific categorical diagnosis (such as schizo-affective disorder) with an idiographic person-specific set of dimensional scores--for example, scores on anxiety, depression, psychosis, mania, motivational alterations, cognition and suicidality.
19,20) Characterized as idiographic, this research is concerned with studying a specific and particular situation in a broad, in-depth and interpretative sense, focusing on the process, not only on the outcomes, and without nomothetic intentions, i.
In order to evaluate the convergent validity for the SF-12v2, we correlated the scores of the physical and mental health factors with the scores of several constructs which theoretically comprises the nomothetic network of the SF-12v2, namely: subjective happiness, life satisfaction, general health, and health-related self-care (having, developing and lacking the capacity for self-care).
With its amenability to both quantitative and qualitative analysis, and its applicability in both nomothetic and idiographic investigations, it can be regarded as one of the first "mixed methods" approaches in psychology.
These are (a) the privileging of physical and material measures and domains, (b) nomothetic approaches toward knowledge, (c) so-called masculine approaches, (d) reductionist perspectives, (e) the need for psi to have some application, (f) the need for researchers to be objective and uninvolved, (g) restrictions in terms of what qualifies as science and the subject matter of that science and privilege in terms of what constitutes authority, and (h) the neglect of those people and approaches that do not have such "authority" in contributing knowledge and deciding what constitutes knowledge.
The empirical approach we used--comparing countries across quantitative characteristics--is a nomothetic approach to a social phenomenon (e.
Throwing the mountains into the lakes: on the perils of nomothetic conceptions of the exercise: Affect relationship.